It is not uncommon for any person to have difficulties with formulating an appropriate question in regards to their issues and concerns. And it also not uncommon for someone to want know their “future.” However, when a client poses a vague question, then you just might get a vague answer in return. Secondly, it is extremely important and imperative for the client to understand, they are the co-creator of their own life. And if there is something in their situation that they do not like, then in most cases they do have the ability to change it. The reader/counselor/coach, is only a “light bulb”; we shine light onto the situation—pulling the cover off the underlying issues. And also, we may serve as a guide to help the client on to a more favorable path in their life.

Tell me my future….
When asking about the near future, it has a chance of being more accurate than the distant future. But you must also understand that God gives us free will, so your decision to change or another person’s decision to change can happen at any time. People change their minds all the time. Prime example, a year a go I was dead set on knitting. I was so certain I was going to learn to knit and knit my life away. I went to class and I bought all my stuff (tons of knitting projects in my head). A month later, a friend asked me how my knitting was going. And my response was, “huh…oh, I’m over that, I’m gonna work on baking now.” And today as I am sitting here, that idea/plan has changed as well. SEE! We change our minds all the time. Of course there is still the possibility of me deciding to give those creative projects a go again, but right now it is not happening. And that leads me to my other point, people flip flop! One day they like it, the next day they hate it, but next month they LOVE IT!

Avoid asking “yes” or “no” questions

It can very tempting to ask these questions—I sort of do it myself sometimes. But I am a firm believer that in most cases, there is no such thing as an absolute “yes” or “no.” There are too many other factors and people that can be involved in the situation that can change the outcome. And if the client chooses to do something differently, then this can shift the outcome as well. Understand that the reading at that time, is based on the energy that is present at that moment, and if nothing were to change in that situation, then it would be your outcome. Nothing in life is absolute and nothing in life is certain. The only thing in life that I can guarantee that will happen is, change and death. Sorry to be so morbid, but it is the truth anyhow.

Many people ask questions as such as, “Will I get back with my ex girlfriend/boyfriend? Will I find true love? Will I find a new job?” With these questions, you are limiting yourself to a “yes” or “no.”
Instead, it may be better to ask, “What can I do to find new love? What were the issues in my relationship? What can I do to find a new job? (message: if you are asking about a job, be specific in which job you are inquiring about) How can I move my career forward?” Always remember that the tarot should not be used for some abracadabra fortune telling show—it should be used for self development and to help improve your life.

Also, it may be in your best interest to not ask questions about health or legal issues—you will benefit more by asking a licensed professional in the particular field. On the other hand, if you are asking about these in connection to your spirituality and personal growth as an individual, then that would be different.

The oh so “vague” questions….
I’m not sure if people ask vague questions because they are afraid to ask the real question, and perhaps even afraid of the answer. Or, maybe some just want to see how much you can figure out. This is not a one man show—it should be an interactive session. However, I do understand that it can be quite difficult to have any real dialogue in email or on face book. Nonetheless, it is very important to be clear in what your question is. When you ask a clear question then this helps the reader/counselor/coach to have a FOCUS and to be able to connect the dots.

“I wanna know the month, date, time, and location I am meeting a new person.” This is where some of my colleagues and I may disagree, because there are some who will give timelines. Personally, I do not give timelines of when something is going to happen. I was reading something from another writer, and I would have to agree with her. The writer discussed the issues in regards to timelines stating, that people want to know timelines for various events to happen when the real answer is, it will happen as soon as you get up and do something!!!!
So instead of looking for a timeline of a particular event, shift your focus more on strategizing how to get to that particular event that you would like to see happen in your life.

Here are a few examples of how to phrase questions. I hope it is helpful for you:

What do I need to know or do in order to _________ ? state your desired outcome

What can I do to better the outcome of ____________

What is the best strategy to help me through this situation?

What are the challenges I need to overcome with __________?

What cycles are impacting me?

What is the best strategy I should use for my upcoming job interview?

How can I communicate this in the best way possible?

What is currently influencing my relationship?

What is currently influencing my love interest?

How might I make this relationship grow?

What do I need to understand about myself?

What do I need to understand about my love interest?

What is the potential outcome of this relationship?

What do I need to work on in order to bring a loving relationship into my life?

Get clear on what you want to know.
—Ask a clear question with the specifics you need addressed.
—Keep it simple.
—Focus your thoughts.
—Seek information that will empower you to achieve a goal.

Infinite Blessings

Author's Bio: 

Veronica J Burgess, has over 7 years working in the mental health/therapy field. Veronica has a Bachelors of Science in Child Development and Family Relations, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. And, a Masters in Social Worker--Direct Practice, University of Pittsburgh. Veronica is state certified in Functional Behavioral Assessment. And is trained in Trauma Focused Therapy. Veronica currently is a therapist working with children and their families. As a gifted tarot reader, she has had the privilege of working with many clients from various countries and walks of life. She has a partner affiliation with, where she is a part of the expert community. Veronica is a member of the American Tarot Association and Tarosophy--Tarot Professionals.