Here's the thing: we're all way too attached to manifesting stuff.

We get tripped up all the time! We think it's the lover, the car, the job, the money, the hot sexy bod that is going to give us that feeling of joy and excitement.

It's not any of those things.

The #1 Manifestation Success Tip: Manifestation success is ONLY about the thoughts you think.

How you think and the stories you tell yourself determines how you feel - not the circumstances.

Events happen and we get to choose how we respond to them - they're either 'good' or 'bad'. When something happens that we feel really good about, then we immediately want more of that thing, mistakenly thinking that more of that thing will bring us more joy.

Like when I landed a nice juicy sale. The thoughts about that experience really lit me up like the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve. So my brain tunes into "Sale made me feel awesome. Therefore must be sales that make me feel awesome. Want more sales. Where's the next sale? No sale - don't feel awesome."

It's not the thing that brings us joy - it's our thoughts about that thing. And we don't need any more things in order to have those feel-good thoughts.

If I really savour that 'got a sale' feeling - I can pick up all the nuances of it and rehearse that over and over. It's about service and gratitude and appreciation. I can do that with my baby chicks!

Here's the raw truth about that with a 'tough' example.

I've wanted to have a baby. We tried and tried and tried - IVF for three years. No baby.
But what did I really want in that experience of having a baby?

To feel connected. To feel a purpose. To nurture. To teach. To share. To revel in the awesomeness of creation.

Newsflash: do I need a baby to feel any of those things?

If I say 'yes' then I doom myself to suffering - waiting and waiting for a baby to appear.

If I say 'no' - I give myself freedom to experience all those things in many forms. And I do: in all of my work I get to feel connected, I have a strong global purpose, I nurture clients, readers, relationships, projects, I teach many, I share much with my husband and friends, I revel in the awesomeness of all creations - and especially revelling right now in the awesomeness of my baby chicks.

"But don't you want to be a mum? To have your own flesh and blood? To gaze into the face of your very own child?"

I desire that experience. It sounds like a deliciously good time.

I don't need it. I am not attached to it. I am already fulfilled and in love with my life.

I don't want to get to the end of my life not feeling fulfilled because of a set of circumstances. Do you?

My manifestation 'work' is ONLY about choosing thoughts that feel good. To focus in a way that gives me pure delight, that allows me to revel in the beauty of life, and gives me permission to treasure my awesome life.

I still have goals and intentions; they just don't keep me up at night, waiting for stuff to happen in order to feel happy. Instead I enjoy the journey of discovery, of fine-tuning habits, behaviours and thoughts that line up with those goals.

It's creativity at its best: it's fun, delightful, and fed by a sparkling curiosity.

Now that's success.

Coach's Challenge:
What are you attached to? What are the feelings you are really seeking? What thoughts would help you to experience those feelings now? Go play.

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