After surpassing crucial stages of pregnancy, birth, and handling newborns, the next big challenge for every mother is the baby teething. Teething babies can cause many problems as the teething process for some babies can prove to be distressful. Reading this article will help you understand some early signs and tips for teething babies to maintain their health.

No mommy you are not at rest,

The teething stage still awaits..

Early signs in teething babies
teething baby
As we all know that from six months onwards, the baby teething starts. The phenomenon can start as early as four months and as late as twelve months. But, it is significant for a mother to start looking at these signs to make the process of teething less distressful for their babies. The typical teething sign occurs four to five days earlier before the tooth erupts.

The most common signs of teething are:

Enhance biting
Extra drooling
Increase sucking
Loss of appetite
Rashes around the oral cavity
Difficulty in sleeping
Look out for any of these signs to understand the real reason behind your cranky baby.

Tips for teething babies
Although teething is a natural discomfort, there are several ways to reduce that discomfort for your babies.

Teething toys
As the gums feel itchy and sore before the teeth erupt, teething toys are an excellent way to relieve the baby’s discomfort. These are mostly teething rings that are given chilled to the children to bite and ease their pain.

Let them chew
It is a regular habit of a baby to take everything in their mouth. During babies teething, they develop a habit of chewing from their stiff, sore, and itchy gums everything they can. Utilize this habit by giving them fruits like apple or vegetables like a carrot to chew. This can be very beneficial for them.

Teething gels
Although there is very little research on this topic, it is known that teething gels contain anesthetic properties. Applying it on the gums will numb them, hence minimizing pain and distress. Try not to use it on your own. And consult a physician before using any gel.

Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory syrups
If your baby caught a fever during teething and is in extreme pain, you can give them paracetamol or ibuprofen syrup to relieve the symptoms. The release of symptoms will make them feel much more comfortable and less cranky.

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