Bright, sparkling white teeth and a beautiful smile - who won’t desire it! But the fact of the matter is, for several reasons our teeth lose their original luster and get stained. Teeth discolouration is a common problem affecting people of all ages. Poor diet, environment, medication, poor oral hygiene or age- any of these might be the reason for your stained teeth.

The market is filled with over-the-counter teeth whitening products that millions of people rely on. Little do they know that opting for such products is a ‘gamble with your teeth’ as you expose them to harsh chemicals and bleach. Let me make a case for cosmetic dentistry and how professional teeth whitening is the right choice.

How good are over the counter teeth whitening products?

Teeth whitening at home is surely easy and inexpensive. You can purchase a whitening paste, gel, whitening strips and other kits and brighten your teeth. Most of these products are abrasives and contain lower dose of bleach. Hydrogen Peroxide is a common active ingredient in these whitening home kits. Repeated use of this chemical or an overdose may cause lasting damage to your teeth and gums.
The other major risk of using over the counter teeth whitening products is that you are not trained to use it. In the process of applying the solution onto your teeth, you might apply the harsh chemicals to your gums and other parts of the mouth leading to pain. Frequent use of such teeth whiteners might weaken your teeth and damage them permanently.

Why opt for a cosmetic dentist?

If you are looking for instant teeth whitening that lasts longer and has minimum risk, cosmetic dentistry is the right choice. A dentist can professionally brighten your teeth in the most caring manner. Opting for in the dentist chair teeth whitening is the best bet because:
Better equipment: A top Dentist Newcastle will have better equipment and facilities at his clinic. This essentially means that you can relax and let the professional do his job.

  • Better teeth whitening solutions:
  • The whitening solution used by the cosmetic dentists has a higher concentration of chemicals. Thus they will be able to achieve the desired results quicker and in a satisfactory manner.

  • Long lasting effect:
  • Unlike whitening home kits, getting your teeth whitened at a dentist clinic is far more effective and long lasting. The professional hands would apply the solution even to the corners and gaps, making your entire set of teeth bright and beautiful.

  • Minimum risk:
  • A Dentist Newcastle is professionally trained to handle whitening chemicals and understands the procedure better. Thus has the least risk of damaging your gums or causing teeth sensitivity.

  • More affordable:
  • In-office teeth whitening procedures are more affordable considering the long lasting effects and low risk. A dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and deliver the best treatment required.

If you would like to regain a confidant and bright smile, the best and risk free option would be to visit a seasoned cosmetic dentist and let him do his magic. Go ahead and flash that sparkling smile!

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Dr. Amit Kalra is founder of He is a qualified dental surgeon who attained his B.D.S degree in 2001 from King George’s Medical & Dental College. Dentist for Chickens brings comprehensive dental care under one roof. The Newcastle Dentist adopts latest dental technology to deliver best in class treatments.