Weight loss goals commonly coincide with vacation plans, reunions and weddings. In order to address the added pounds, there is a very critical component to success that is commonly overlooked. If you start a weight loss program and begin to fall off track, it’s usually not your bulging belly or your expanding upper thighs that get in the way—it’s your brain.

Preparing your mind for weight loss is more important that the program itself. We will lay out the 4 step solution to help you start and complete your exercise and nutrition regimen. This process will not only help you become more successful and healthy, but also make it easier to re-start if you get off track.


Begin by thinking of your weight loss goal as a project, much like renovating your kitchen or restoring a car. In order to complete such a project you would need a solid, effective and realistic plan of action. Remember that is not about superficial rewards, it’s about the complete package. No one cares about a gorgeous kitchen renovation if the appliances don’t work. Take care of your body on the inside so it shows on the outside. If you sacrifice your health to lose weight, you’ll just die lighter.

Reflect and Refine

Start by reflecting on diets and workout programs that you have tried in the past. What can you learn from them? Instead of reading another “6-pack abs in 3 days” book or trying another crazy lemon juice diet, consider what has worked historically for you. What approaches have you done that not only made you look good, but also feel good?
Remember what foods you were able to give up easily and which ones were deal breakers. Identify what exercise program was most effective and yielded the best results. When you’re done reflecting you may find one or two approaches that worked for you, if any at all. If you have identified yourself as someone that has never found an exercise and nutrition program that has worked, it’s time to figure it out. Start by knowing that an exercise and nutrition program is a necessity for weight loss success. Write out your current diet and exercise program for one week. Do you have one? If not, you have already identified part of the problem.

“Whenever you get challenged, you have to step up as a man/woman and as a team…We needed more courage and character that day.” –Tim Tebow

The most common nutritional challenges that people face include:

1. Where and when you eat.
2. How and where you grocery shop.
3. Where and when you prepare food.

The Plan

Begin by writing out your new diet and exercise program for one week. A few helpful points include:

1. Eat minimal fruits and increase consumption of vegetables. Fresh green, leafy vegetables are a necessity in a weight loss program.
2. Eat lean proteins. In general, two legs are better than four. Four legged animals usually have a higher fat content.
3. The fewer chemical food products you eat, the better. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t put it in your mouth.

Executing the Plan

Research has shown that it takes three to four weeks to create a new habit. The longer you stick with your new nutrition and exercise program, the easier it gets. All good things are worth fighting for. If it was easy, everyone would be at their goals. Executing and reflecting on the results of your new program is critical for ongoing planning and goal setting. Journaling is a great way to review what is working for you and what is not.

“We believed as a team.” –Tim Tebow

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Cory Couillard has owned two private practices and has been the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Brand Officer for the largest privately owned clinic. He is active in professional development, mass education programs and implementation of healthcare delivery systems.

Cory is currently a professional healthcare speaker and writer for newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications. He is also involved with the development of two international television health programs.

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