We have all been taught to sympathize and feel sorry for our fellow humans that are in distress.
Have you noticed how you feel when you're sitting with someone going over their troubles and you start to relate and sympathize?

As you connect and relate with the other, you start to feel just as down as they are.

Sympathy just reinforces the Beliefs and Stories making the situation feel more real.

Rather than moving the person out of that creation, sympathy only reinforces the creation making it larger and more real.

A belief in being a victim is one of the most difficult places to move out of.

We get so much attention and sympathy from others when we are a victim, why would we want to change our story.

What if we could see the person separate from their story and perceived problems. See the person for who they really are, not for who they think they are.

Look at them from admiration and appreciation for the wonderful human being they are.

Most of us don't realize how much more work and creativity it takes to create a little chaos. Admire the creativity it took the person to create the situation they are experiencing.

From a place of admiration and appreciation it is much easier to assist someone in creating a new experience.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Dahl has traveled the world exploring cultures and beliefs, facilitating discussion groups, exploring consciousness and enlightenment.
Steve is also a certified Life Coach, specializing in relationships and business.