For the time of long travels and holidays, regardless if spent gallivanting overseas finding out about some exotic locations or taking it simple bumming all around the beach anywhere with family or friends, you can still find a way to ensure that your time spent out of the home will not only not rack up your energy consumption but actually lessen it.

Before you can lock the house up and head out of town, consider these energy-saving ideas:

Check the thermostat

If ever you’re house will be empty, you could adjust the thermostat appropriately. Why stress about air-conditioning if nobody’s gonna be there to demand it? You have the way to also turn up the temperatures or turning the air-conditioning off totally. Each level above 78° will save on your air conditioning cost. Check on the air-conditioner’s filtration systems as well, clean or substitute as needed.


In case you’re gonna be away for a short period, cut back on electricity by adjusting the thermostat in the refrigerator and freezer (they are the biggest energy guzzlers in a standard home). For visits lasting a month or even more, think of clearing your freezer and unplugging it.

Water heaters

Unless you’re with a whole house tankless water heater or maybe a very similar unit, it will be far better always power down.

Tankless water heaters normally have a “vacation” setting mode, you should use that or simply to power it down at the circuit breaker. There’s no reason in heating water the whole day long if no one’s home. Come to look at it, that’s like being home, aside from you’re home in the evening and on weekends.


Disconnect your gadgets. Stand by losses accumulates when you determine all the electronics you can discover in a typical residence caught up in the power outlets that pull electricity. Clear away all of avoidable electronics right until your go back from your vacation.

Safety considerations

Even though our issue is centered on saving energy during your travel, let’s remember security considerations. Instead than leaving behind the porch light on 24/7, it's safer to use programmable lights. A light timer and even motion sensor is perhaps better as well as reasonable presence signals for your house when you’re out.

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