When settling down with a family, location often tops the list of priorities. We're all familiar with the allure of a quiet suburban life or a cozy spot in the heart of the city. But have you ever considered the benefits of living close to a highway? We understand your initial worries about the noise and traffic, but there's more to this lifestyle than meets the eye.

So, let's hit the brakes and swerve into a different lane! There are hidden perks to highway living that go beyond the busy traffic and the noise pollution.

Property values and highway proximity

We love investigating new prospects from a real estate point of view. Thus, we'll first explore living near a highway by considering property values. As you know, the economy heavily relies on transportation. Freeways, expressways, turnpike roads, you name them, contribute to a well-oiled, efficient economy. Those who own a home close by can be at an advantage over others in many perspectives.

As a result, swift access to highways generally translates to higher property values. However, we must add a significant caveat to this agreement before moving forward!

Location (and distance) matters!

Buyers and real estate investors will pay attention to the undisputable disadvantages of living closer to a highway: noise, air pollution, and high-density traffic. These factors can cause severe health problems. Plus, vehicles moving at a high speed can sometimes lead to (fatal) accidents.

Therefore, properties in a highway's immediate vicinity won't be worth as much as those further down the line (but still close!) Suppose purchasing a home close to a freeway fascinates you. In that case, browsing a real estate agents directory can help you get all the answers you need!

Choose the economic lane and get more bang for your buck!

Do we recommend buying a home near a highway? Dollar for dollar, properties near main roads frequently offer extra space and amenities for a lower price tag. Are you a first-time homebuyer looking to maximize your investment? Then, this is an attractive proposition you can't ignore!

You can find a hidden gem with a spacious backyard or an extra bedroom within your budget because of its proximity to a highway. It's like stumbling upon a sale where the deals are too good to pass up.

Excellent leasing opportunity

Suppose you don't plan to use it as your forever home. Then, you can join the rental game and rent it out to a well-defined real estate niche, like commuters, travel enthusiasts, business owners and professionals, budget-conscious tenants, and short-term residents. A lucrative profit is almost always guaranteed!

A highway adjacent property’s worth grows in time.

Speaking of potential, let's consider how your investment can improve over time! Areas around highways are frequently targeted for development projects, which can increase your property value. As the area grows and improves, so does your investment. It's like owning a bit of the future, with a front-row seat to watch it unfold.

Quick getaways and the open road

Imagine the freedom of jumping onto the freeway and embarking on spontaneous road trips. Living near a highway means you're already on the ramp to adventure. No winding through city streets or suburban mazes to reach the open road!

Are you into freestyle weekend escapes to the mountains or a day trip to the beach without planning? Then, the highway is your direct ticket to leisure and exploration. It's all about living life in the fast lane—quite literally.

Time is on your side - Spend more time with your family!

In today's world, time is a currency more valuable than gold. Living next to a highway can save you a chunk of it. Consider, for instance, the daily commute. While others are stuck on congested local roads, you're zipping onto the highway. Time-consuming, nerve-wracking travel time? You can easily forget about it! How often did you feel you'd be on time with your schedule if you had more free time?

Imagine having a time machine at your doorstep. Freeway proximity will give you extra time for a morning cup of coffee or priceless moments with family. However, this convenience also extends to emergencies or critical services. Hospitals, airports, and essential locations are just a short distance away.

Discover the exceptional convenience at your exit!

We live in an age of enhanced convenience. Thanks to commercial areas often found near highway exits, countless amenities and shops are just a stone's throw away! Living near a highway puts you near a hub of convenience. Gas and service stations? Check! Restaurants and fast food? Check! Shopping centers and malls? You bet! And the list goes on!

Freeways and expressways often host restrooms, vending machines, picnic areas, and sometimes information centers. Travelers can break a long drive and discover tourist attractions nearby. Watch for highway signs! Other highway signs often direct you to the nearest hospital or emergency medical service. Last, reliable public transit systems (buses or trains) might be accessible near urban areas. Enjoy having your rest stop with better food and ample parking!

Are highway neighborhoods on the path to healthier living?

Now comes the twist you haven't seen coming! Did you know living near a highway can indirectly lead to a healthier lifestyle? It's a well-known fact that residents are concerned about air quality and noise pollution. Thus, folks often become more proactive about indoor air purification. Additionally, they choose greener transportation alternatives for local travel, such as biking, hiking, or walking. Accessing outdoor recreational areas effortlessly contributes to a more energetic and fit lifestyle.

Facing adversities, conscious locals will do everything in their power to improve their habitat, living conditions, and health. Will you join them?

Discover the community togetherness!

Living in these areas comes with a distinctive connection. Residents bond over shared experiences. While some "regular" folks discuss the weather, our beloved "highway people" sink their teeth into noise, air pollution, and busy traffic conditions. They continuously invent new methods to combat these nuisances.

No wonder communities near highways are more open to developing unique support. Due to the high-traffic area, you can find a more organized neighborhood watch or a tighter-knit community spirit. This environment genuinely fosters friendships and mutual aid.

The bottom line

Undeniably, living next to a US highway isn't for everyone. Still, it's a road worth considering for two types of buyers. First-time homebuyers looking to get the most mileage out of their investment will indeed appreciate the (generally) lower price and more spacious property. Secondly, real estate investors with a penchant for unchartered opportunities will have a field day with main road-adjacent assets. They can rent, flip, or develop them for a more outstanding future ROI.

To wrap it up, beyond the hustle and noise lies a world of convenience, community, and surprising benefits. It's about seeing the bigger picture and finding beauty in the fast lane. Are you ready to discover that the best places are sometimes just off the exit ramp?

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