In today’s active corporate and wired world, achieving your goals and feeling fulfilled doesn’t have to be a chaotic, stressful affair. Being completely fulfilled means having a deeply felt irrefutable sense that you are happy, healthy, and whole.

Your work and performance are deemed dynamically worthy, your life and work have soulful meaning. Your heart is free from judgment and fear, your belief systems are positive and your vision is clear. Your work inspires others to be better people, you do what you love and as a result of that your contributions affect masses of people on highly evolved levels. To say it best – you feel in love with the future.

BUT - before any of us can get “there” – we have to leave “here”. Here being the crazy busy, overly productive, massively underappreciated life we might have personally designed for ourselves. The life in which you might catch yourself wondering, “How did I get here?” Questioning whether or not you took a really wrong turn. Well… we all have at some point, and the toughest part to accept is that we were actually the one in the driver’s seat.

So – what do you do?

Well, we both started figuring out the answers by asking ourselves a scary question -Were we happy?

The answer to that question was easy – what to do about knowing that we weren’t - wasn’t.

We were good at faking it though. We all distract ourselves with other things - joining a yoga class, listening to the ocean waves, renovating something, having dinner with friends, taking a leisurely stroll in nature or a glass or two of wine to temporarily escape from our stress filled lives. While momentarily meaningful and highly suggested (except the wine bit), these simply postpone addressing the actual cause and always finish with a somewhat bumpy re-entry back into our worlds (especially from the wine).

In a relentless pursuit to get ahead, we push and shove, kick and sweat, and do whatever we can to achieve that next title, be first in line to be considered for that promotion, or stand on our heads & do jumping jacks in front of our boss’ to just get some type of recognition. We want larger titles, more money and of course more responsibility.

Our heads scream “Go, Go, GO- reach that goal, meet that deadline, exceed that budget, then go home, feed the kids and walk the dog- DO it all and be fulfilled”… but somehow we’re not.

We do it, everyday, again and again, week after week, month after month, year after year and at what sacrifice?

We wake up one morning, our soul feels empty, the plants are dead, the front porch is a mess and we are in bad need of a haircut.

Perhaps you’ve climbed the corporate ladder, clawing and scratching and succeeding immensely only to find that the true fulfillment you yearn for, you don’t feel yet.

The mistakes that you’ve made, the lessons that you’ve learned, the perspective that you’ve gained and the beautiful hope that you have for the future are all important parts of you. You are so much more than what you’ve done so far, and what you currently do day after day after day.

Through all the challenges that your work has presented, we bet you challenged yourself to break free from social boundaries, changed your belief systems to enjoy and welcome success, and worked hard to understand your own potential.

You probably amazed yourself at the strength you had inside… when you learned that things don’t always turn out how you think they will…. When you learned that sometimes the ethics of others, surprise you… sometimes they shock you…. And when you learned what was possible when you actually put 100% into something.

You should be proud of how far you’ve traveled, and if you feel like something is missing -then find it…

Now we are not suggesting that you quit your job and go find a meditation ground in some far away land. Happiness and answers do not only come from such dramatic life changes, they can actually occur from the smallest alteration that makes the right impact. Tiny ingredients can be the most potent ones…

Look around at what you already have, where you are, and who you are there with and ask yourself – Are you happy? If your answer isn’t a joyful and resounding “YES!” then ask yourself the next question - What do you plan to do about that?

The grass can be the greenest right under your own feet.

Author's Bio: 

Julie Edmonds is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and mother of two. After receiving a BA in Finance from the University of SW Louisiana, she moved to Florida where she founded her first business, 17 years ago. Because of her fiercely independent and competitive nature, her organization has grown across the U.S. and produces over 8 million dollars in direct sales annually. She was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of 1998’s Fun, Fearless, Females showcasing her business success. Today she operates her consulting company, LNE Consulting, Inc ( founded in 2009. Julie is passionate about coaching and developing young business professionals as she has helped develop and assist thousands reach professional goals and many open their own businesses and take control of their lives.

Michell Smith is a dynamic leadership and management consultant working with one of the largest direct marketing networks across North America. Located in Toronto Canada she founded I.C.E. Inc. in September 1996 ( and has since built a direct sales network that at its height was comprised of over 60 managers and assistant managers, 600 sales reps and over 10 million dollars in annual revenues. Michell specializes in coaching individuals and teams to reach their highest potential by helping them define their purpose and passion. Today she continues to consult and coach hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales reps and students all across North America through live seminars and private coaching sessions.
Through their careers, Julie Edmonds and Michell Smith have collectively coached tens of thousands of people and are well respected for their honesty and inspirational voices. They have been committed to the development of people professionally and personally and have both been consistently recognized by their peers with numerous awards for their contributions to the personal success of other entrepreneurs.
Each of them has personally conducted well over 30,000 interviews while recruiting for their sales forces and administrative teams, and between them, they have aided in opening over 200 companies in the past 17 years.