Finding success really simply a process of breaking the cycle and saying ‘I can change all of this for the better’ in a final determination to see your Self as being alright. Stay in touch with your I’m Okay Factor and lose that sense of a lost life or a hopeless dilemma. Regardless of where you feel you are now, each one of us has an inherent ability to tap into the creative resource that becomes our ‘out of the past. into the future’ system.
Becoming aware of a pattern of repeated mistakes in your past enables you to recognise the need and want for a more determined and fulfilling present and future.
Recognise your Self for who you really are. Avoid being excessively harsh in criticising your Self or others around you. The secret is to stop, reassess and move on with determined Self-engagement. This time make the journey yours.
Remember, you have the ability already within. It is a built-in mechanism, born by the essence of your very creation. Finding it is nothing more than making the decision to acknowledge its existence and, when you acknowledge that, you set out on the road to completion of your Self and your capabilities. This leaves you totally un-wanting and free to express your Self. Agenda-less relationships and life become a freedom. Knowledge becomes truth and truth stimulates a growing recognition of that same truth in others.
In other words, as we learn admire the good in ourselves we recognise, appreciate and admire the same qualities in others.
As you grow in this process of Self-recognition you also find a new determination that allows you to work, live and function with much greater ease. It all comes from that inner sense of ‘the great new me’, bringing a freshness and more importantly, an honest vibrancy to what you once viewed as old and tired situations. It’s like letting your mind out of jail and allowing your Self a super freedom with new horizons.
I am unlimited and I was born free and so, in all I do, my awareness of my unlimited Self will be my foremost presence.
One step at a time, I learn to move into this space; not rushed, not panicked but in the gentle knowledge that I am determined to travel in this new and right direction.
So now, when faced with apparent difficulties or what could be thought of as frightening situations, stop and ask your Self ‘can I see this differently? Where is my sense of Self worth to be found? Where is my power?’
Let your belief in your own innate success speak for you, in any situation.
Then the world will start to recognise that your light of Self-determination is well and truly on. The start of being seen for who you really are and what you can be is very evident and, in that great willingness to be free of the past, you begin to see your Self for everything you are.
The liberation has begun.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'