I don't have cancer. But my Mom and my best friend do. Two of my grandparents did too. Many times I have thought about the great strength they have shown in fighting this elusive opponent. How do you fight it? You can't see it on the outside, but you know it's there. Any given day you wonder if it is growing or if it is going away. They keep swinging away at it, sometimes taking a very bad beating. But like a prize fighter they somehow find the heart to stay in the ring.

Those of us who do not have cancer are amazed at the amount of courage and strength we see in these special people. If faced with the same diagnosis, would we find the same strength? What would we draw on in our lives to give us the same strength we see in them? I think it is universal for every human being, that we are stronger than we think.

There are many stories written about cancer patients. Not one story describes how someone just laid down and gave up. They fought it. And they did it with grace, courage and humility. In doing so, they touch many lives. Even the children teach us how to face our own fears. They teach us to embrace life, treasure each day and not sweat the small stuff.

Hope is a feeling of possibility. Faith and belief are knowing that the possibility will come true. Picture yourself holding onto an invisible rope. Feel the roughness between your hands as you start to climb. No one else can see it but you know it's there. Maybe you are starting out with a string, not a rope. That is okay. You can add more fibers, such as God, prayer, love, spirituality, gratitude, peace, knowledge, purpose and many more. The rope becomes easier to climb as it gets thicker. You can keep climbing to the top or just hang on.

My wish for you is that you will get to the top. You can even just hang on for now until you are strong enough to begin climbing again. From those of us who do not have cancer, I can truly say that we are in awe of you. We love you and pray for you. You are our true heroes.

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Terri Richards is a registered nurse and author that specializes in health related issues. There is a new eBook available entitled: "The Guide to Coping With Cancer".

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