Strength can come in many forms. Physical strength, where, even the weakest of us can lift cars off of children in moments of crisis. Spiritual strength, where your faith keeps you strong, wraps you in a blanket of understanding. Intelligent strength, where you use the talents of your brain to make life situations better. And emotional strength, where you recognize emotionally what's going on, and although you hurt, strive to step bravely into the future regardless.

Strength is both innate, and reinforced through life experiences. We all have the capacity to be strong. Even when we feel like we can't possibly handle something, this strength will come out, and handle it we will.

Strength is getting past tears, but not ignoring or repressing them. It's understanding that you are sad, and deciding to step forward with determination, and despite them.

Strength is knowing that you can make a mistake, and do your best to rectify it. You can face what can be ugly with dignity and poise, knowing that you've always given your best, even if it doesn't work out.

Strength is staring into the face of the unknown, and stepping through the gateway.

I imagine the rune for strength: Uruz. It's shape is two heavy stone pillars supporting a stone roof. One pillar is higher than the other, representing your highest strengths, while the shorter one represents your weaknesses - which still hold up the stone roof above.

In this way, strength has a foundation of earth, with pillars of intellect and physical strength supporting our hearts. When you feel least strong, you will be called upon to be the most strong.

And you will be.

And we all have strength unseen, strength in the form of our family and friends, strength in our personal faiths, strength in our ideas, and in our hearts.

If you can count on no one but yourself, you can still count on yourself. And if you're lucky enough to have people around you to support you, handle what you must handle alone, but turn to them for the hugs and kind words you need after the fact.

Wishing all of you strength--even though it's unnecessary. You have it, down in the bottom where everything seems lost.

All best,


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I consider myself an All-American woman. For a little over 10 years I grew up in the foster care system in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. Officially adopted at the age of 14, my adoptive parents encouraged my passionate love of reading.