The reasons to stop smoking are tremendous. Rather than go into all of the negative things that smoking can do to you, I want you to fully consider the positive things being a non-smoker will do for you. First, you'll discover things related to your health. Then, as you will see, financial and other benefits will follow.

• 20 minutes Your blood pressure, pulse rate, and the temperature of your hands and feet will all return to normal.
• 8 hours Remaining nicotine in your bloodstream will have decreased by 93.25%.
• 12 hours Your blood oxygen level will have increased to normal and carbon monoxide levels will have dropped to normal.
• 72 hours Your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites will now have passed from your body via your urine. Breathing is becoming easier and the lungs functional abilities are starting to increase.
• 5 - 8 days Most ex-smokers will encounter three cue-induced cravings per day. Time distortion can make minutes feel like hours, but, it is unlikely that any episode will last longer than 3 minutes.
• 10 days to 2 weeks Recovery has progressed and the addiction is no longer in control.
• 2 to 4 weeks Anger, anxiety, lack of concentration, impatience, insomnia, restlessness and depression related to cessation has ended.
• 21 days Brain acetylcholine receptor counts have returned to levels seen in the brains of non-smokers.
• 2 weeks to 3 months Your heart attack risk has started to drop. Your lung function continues improving.
• 3 weeks to 3 months Your circulation has substantially improved. Walking has become easier. Your chronic cough, if any, has likely disappeared.

On top of these benefits, it is estimated that a person saves in excess of $10,000 per year when they stop smoking.
• All types of insurance decrease in cost over time, including; health, life, home, and auto
• You will spend less money on medications and be sick fewer times each year
• Your home, auto(s) and other possessions will increase in value as they shed the smell of cigarettes
• Non-smokers earn an average of 4%-11% per year more than smokers
• And, there are more financial benefits beyond these

A different crowd of friends
• As you change, you’ll probably experience a change in the people that surround you.
• When you become a non-smoker, decrease your living expenses, and increase your earning potential; your life will change for the better.
• As a non-smoker, you will want to be with other non-smokers and they will want to be with you. So, you may experience life in a way you never thought possible!

Now, the title of this whitepaper is “Stop Smoking Forever in Just 30 Minutes”, but how can that be possible? As a Master Hypnotist, I have a 99% cure rate for smoking. Most of my patients were successfully treated in just one session of 30 minutes. No one required more than three sessions. So, if you’re ready to quit smoking, but thought you had run out of options to enjoy the benefits shown above, then, NOW is the time to use hypnosis to begin YOUR life as A NON-SMOKER!

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Dr. Edward Lewellen has been working with executives, salespeople, and people from all walks of life for over 20 years. Using hypnosis, Dr. Lewellen helps people to get over hurts, habits, and hang-ups by breaking through limiting barriers to reach their full potential. Contact Dr. Lewellen at or on the Contact page at See his ebook, Creating a Life in Forward Motion< on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple, Smashwords, and many more online book retailers.