Decades of psychological research prove that about 96% of people use only 1% of their mental energy to focus in the present moment. Instead, the “normal” subconscious (the greater part of your mental energy) lives in your formative years, when you were so “sponge-like” and open-minded that you learned the subconscious programs that now create your reactive, habitual behaviour.

All these programs together make up your personality. An acquaintance, Tom, recently told me “I love my personality!” But your personality is not who you are – it’s who other people told you you should be.
As I said to Tom, personality is a stone in your shoe that you’ve become so used to that you don’t realise that you’re limping your way through life.

Life is meant to be lived to the full – not limped through – not 1% lived. You’ve got to get to know the real you. You’ll find the real you waiting for you within – that inward journey is the most exciting you’ll ever take.

Author's Bio: 

Willie Horton is an Irish self-help and personal development author and trainer living in the French Alps. He has been working in the field of personal development since 1996 with clients such as Pfizer, Deloitte, Allergan, KMPG, Nestle and DHL. He is creator of Gurdy.Net – the Personal Development Website and author of Normal Crazy People and To Succeed... Just Let Go.