This is the time of the year which we judge our previous year and make decisions about the next one. I guess we all want a fresh and powerful start to the next year. No matter how you spend 2010, everything can be different in 2011. Why shouldn't it be? If you have learned a little about using your mind power, things must be changing around you. Even if you don't notice the change in your life, you have a better understanding of what is going around you.

Same Mistakes Every Year

We always make the same mistake again and again. We judge the previous year at the start of a new year. Our mind is capable of listing the mistakes we make, making them bigger than they actually are and asking the questions like; what if? The same mind also has the ability to notice the success but it needs a little help to do so.

No matter what your plans are for Christmas, your mind won't stop wandering. It doesn't care if you are alone in silence or with friends and family surrounded with voices. It can still wander and this can make you unhappy. Unhappiness cannot offer you a fresh, new start. You must find a way to feel happy and powerful.

Crying List

This is a crying list that your mind can make for you unless you lead it;

• I couldn't finish the work I started yet, I'm a big failure.

• I couldn't get the job I want, I have to stand the job I get.

• I couldn't buy my dream house, I hate my neighborhood.

• No one wants to marry me.

• I couldn't make my holiday plans real, I must get used to cheap holidays.

Smiling List

This is a smiling list which your mind can make for you if you lead it;

• I started the work I planned and I took few steps.

• I have a job and I'm improving my skills and relations for the job I want.

• I have a house and this is an investment to use when I'm ready to buy my dream house.

• I have learned too much from my relationships and I know more about the one I want to marry.

• I know where to go, what to do for holiday.
Which one of the lists above can make you look forward to 2011? Then, prefer that list instead.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind these 4 steps when you are at the start of 2011.

1. Skip the failures you made last year, you cannot turn back to change them, even if you could, it is a waste of time. You have a whole New Year standing in front of you. Focus on that and find out how much joy and success you can fill in that.

2. Find out the moments you most felt powerful and focus on them. Let this memories empower your courage.

3. Focus on your previous success. There are always some cases that you succeeded but when you have higher goals they can seem worthless. Each and every success you had is worth to remember and feel the happiness of it. As long as you remember your previous success, you will believe in more to your future success.

4. Focus on the things you achieved, problems you solved or the successes you had. Make this list as detailed as it can be. A little success can refer to different kinds of abilities you used. Don't underestimate these abilities; they can help you again if you know you have them.

Leave the past, feel the present and dream for tomorrow.

2011 will be my year but I'll be pleased to share it…

I can feel all the success, happiness, health and peace slipping into my life. I know that it will be more than I imagined. You can also feel like this. Just know that it's only your mind power that you need. If you think that your mind is useless, change it. Leave it on 2010 and make a brand new one for yourself on 2011.

I'm not only trying to motivate you. I know that it is true because scientists are working on mind power at different professions and they found out some pieces of the mind puzzle. I just want you to know that you have the best tool for everything you need. Your mind. It's the best tool but unless you know how to use it, it cannot work. You only need a manual to force it to work as the way you need. Please don't waste this tool.

Author's Bio: 

Nil Celen is an investigator for the proofs of "Mind Power" based on scientific resources.

Self-help starts with improving mind power.

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