Maintaining Contact with your Diamond Consciousness in these Accelerated Times

Imagine a world in which we are all Connected and Vertically Aligned with our Authentic Diamond Self and our Soul’s Divine Purpose, saying “YES” to living fulfilled, purposeful lives…creating the Wealth of Being that we deserve. (Wealth of Being ... a state of inner Spiritual Fulfillment and outer well-being experienced spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in a state of unspeakable Joy, Equanimity and Freedom)

We live in a world that is more alive with possibility than ever before in history and yet… it is easy to get lost in the confusion and chaos of such an accelerated time. So much is pulling at us for our attention in the outer horizontal world that we often become disconnected from our Inner Truth and no longer hear the inner whisper of our Soul's Inner Wisdom. When this happens, our natural radiance and inner Joy are suppressed and life loses its color and passion. We then make choices without conscious awareness and fall into unconscious living as if we are in a hypnotic trance or, what I call, a horizontal trance.

The Disempowerment of the Horizontal Trance

Information and impressions from the collective consciousness of the external horizontal world (society's shared beliefs, attitudes and expectations) have been influencing us at the unconscious level since we were born. As children, we do not have the conscious awareness or discernment to consciously choose what is true for us and filter out what is not. As a result, we can find ourselves disempowered, as adults, living out (or reacting to) someone else’s dream that may have no meaning or value for us. This powerlessness and disconnection from our Inner Truth or trance can cause us to miss the opportunity for Self-Realization and to create true Wealth of Being in our lives. If we are unaware of the overlay of this horizontal trance, then no amount of outer success seems to bring us true inner Joy, Equanimity (undisturbed, Infinite Inner Peace) or Spiritual Fulfillment.

The Spiritual Freedom of Vertical Soul Alignment

There is a clear way out of the trance…and that is to come back into Vertical Alignment with the Soul. Coming into Vertical Soul Alignment immediately activates a shift in our perception, - from our everyday horizontal collective consciousness perspective to the expanded perspective of our Soul’s Higher Consciousness. This shift in perception, from the horizontal to the Vertical, is as powerful a shift in Consciousness as when we stopped identifying the “world as flat” and recognized it as round. As we consciously choose to make this shift in our Spiritual Consciousness, it is important not to judge the trance, but to celebrate it because the pain and dis-ease that inevitably comes from it causes the inner Awakening that calls us to seek something higher and become conscious of our own Truth.

When we Align with the Divine in ourselves, we move from being overly focused on the horizontal to being able to engage in the horizontal world from Vertical Soul Alignment. Making this shift from the horizontal to the Vertical moves us from being ...

• Disheartened to Divinely inspired
• Stressed to directly dealing with stress from a Higher Consciousness perspective
• Anxious to the calm of overcoming anxiety
• Imbalanced to balanced.
• Skeptical to open-minded
• Disempowered and bored to self-empowerment and interested in one's own life
• Scattered to focused
• Uptight to relaxed
• Confused to clear
• Uncertain to decisive
• Stuck in powerlessness to seeing infinite possibility.

Diamond Energy Activation Helps Us Make the Shift

How do we make this shift from the horizontal to the Vertical? How do we move beyond the horizontal trance of external conditioning and expectations while fully immersed in it, and live in the Highest Diamond Potential of our Soul’s Inner Truth and Infinite Light?

Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology for the 21st century, for me, has proven to be the fastest and most powerful answer to this question .. it is the Divine Intervention I called for to maintain my Vertical Soul Alignment in the fire of my life. This Sacred Technology offers high-speed Connection and Vertical Alignment with the Divine Power, or Diamond Self Within through a revolutionary online phenomenon: The Diamond Alignment Experience. The Diamond Alignment Experience is a convenient yet profound multi-sensory Diamond Energy Activation and guided meditation, delivered via the Internet, that clears your mind, relaxes your body and connects you with your Diamond Self Within ... in only 6 minutes.

With the launching of, we now have access to an unprecedented Spiritual Transformation tool that effortlessly and effectively shifts us from an imbalanced, exhausting alignment with the horizontal world to the Unspeakable Joy and Inner Peace of Alignment with the Inner Wisdom of our Soul, our Diamond Consciousness … while fully engaging in our everyday physical world. The Diamond Alignment Experience ultimately frees us from the limitations of our horizontal trances, enabling us to fulfill the Highest Diamond Potential of our Diamond Within and create true Wealth of Being in our lives.

Just as the keel of a sailboat allows the boat to venture out onto the open seas with the safety of knowing the boat will never completely capsize, so we are able to venture out in life more fully when we are Vertically Aligned. We may get tossed around in the waves of life, but our Vertical Soul Alignment is the keel that will always “right” our boat, allowing us to stay connected with the wind – the Divine Energy that sources and guides our Divine journey. BECOMING AWARE that we are out of alignment and Knowing what to do to come back into alignment… is the KEY

As founder of Diamond Alignment, I am dedicated to bringing this Sacred Technology to individuals worldwide, so that all can experience the Joy and Equanimity of living in Vertical Soul Alignment while fully engaging in our accelerated horizontal world.

Vertically Aligning with Diamond Consciousness Globally

Diamond Alignment World Activation ...Beginning December 21, 2009, we CALL you to join us in globally anchoring Diamond Light and Alignment into our world by accepting our heart-felt invitation to a 22-day virtual global Celebration of Diamond Alignment World Activation ... a time of Inner Awakening, Diamond Consciousness Activation and Diamond Energy Healing. During the Celebration, unlimited access to the transcendent 6-minute online multi-sensory Diamond Alignment Experience is being offered for FREE to All, 24 hours a day, through January 11, 2010.

Our Mission for Diamond Alignment World Activation is: To accelerate a global shift in Collective Consciousness through the global delivery of a Sacred Technology, Diamond Alignment, offering Diamond Energy Activations, which vibrationally aligns individuals, communities and institutions with the Diamond Self Within and the natural flow of Source Energy, activating the Highest Diamond Potential of living in Diamond Consciousness and in the Power of Diamond Joy, Equanimity, Freedom, Spiritual Fulfillment and Wealth of Being (the integration of Spiritual wealth and material abundance).

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Joy, creator and founder of Diamond Alignment is passionately committed to her vision of accelerating a 'critical mass' shift in Consciousness through the global delivery of Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology. offering Diamond Energy Activations. A spiritual warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world, Jacqueline Joy uses a new paradigm she calls Sacred Business to deliver the revolutionary online phenomenon of Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide, in order to bring forth a world where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Freedom, Joy and Equanimity and all beings are living in the Diamond Consciousness of their Highest Diamond Potential and Purpose.