The average person today doesn’t realize that Statin Drugs are the most dangerous prescription drugs you can buy today. They are the ones you see frequently advertised today on the TV stations.

You see them under the names of Crestor, Zocor, and Lipitor which are the most common ones. Then you have Advicor, Mevacor, Sumcor, Altaprev, Lescor, Pravachol, Caduet and Vytom. What these cholesterol – lowering drugs do is they block the enzyme in your liver that is responsible for making cholesterol.

There are now 900 studies proving the side effects of these drugs which run the gamut from muscle problems to increased cancer risk. The most common side effects besides muscle problems are anemia, acidosis, sexual dysfunction, immune depression, cataracts or liver dysfunction.

There are also a spectrum of other problems too, ranging from blood glucose elevations to tendon problems, can also occur. Then there is evidence that taking statins may even increase your risk for Low Gehrig’s disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Here is a fact; cholesterol does not cause heart disease. If your physician is urging you to check your total cholesterol then you should know that this test will tell you virtually nothing about your risk of heart disease, unless it is 330 or higher. HDL Percentage is a far more potent indication for heart disease risk. Here are the two ratios you should pay attention to:

1) HDL) Total Cholesterol Ratio. Should ideally be above 24 percent. If below 10 percent, you have a significantly elevated risk for heart disease.

2) Triglyceride/HDL Ratio. Should be below 2. Your body needs cholesterol. There is evidence showing cholesterol deficiency has a detrimental impact on virtually every aspect of your health. One of the primary reasons is because it plays a critical role within your cell membranes.

Your body is composed of trillions of cells that need to interact with each other and cholesterol is one of the molecules that allow for these interactions to take place. For example, so without sufficient amounts of cholesterol your digestive system can be adversely affected.

Cholesterol also plays an essential role in your brain, which contains about 25 percent of the cholesterol in your body. It is critical for synapse formation (that’s the connection between your neurons, which allow you to think, learn new things and form memories).

It is believed that low fat diets and/or cholesterol lowering drugs may cause or contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.So in conclusion here is the most natural ways to optimize your cholesterol levels naturally.

1) Eliminate grains and fructose from your diet.
2) Get plenty of high quality, animal-based omega 3 fats, such as fish oil and krill oil.
3) Include in your diet such things as olive oil, coconut, organic raw dairy products and eggs, avocados, raw nuts and seeds and grass-fed meats.
4) Optimize your vitamin D levels.
5) Exercise daily
6) Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol excessively.
7) Get plenty of good restorative sleep.

Knowing that high cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease finally frees you to take a serious look at what causes this dreaded disease. As described above, poor lifestyles, choices are to blame, too much sugar, too little exercise and lack of sun exposure.

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