Take care of yourself...rather than looking for things to take out of your diet, look for things to add like a few additional servings of an organic fruit or vegetable each day, a few extra glasses of water or a cup of organic herbal tea. The thought of a drastic change stops many of us from even trying to be successful at better health. It's more realistic to take baby steps and when you master one new behavior, commit to adding something else. Make an appointment with an acupuncturist, an energy healer or a naturopathic or homeopathic practitioner and look for ways to supplement alternative methods of relieving stress and achieving balance. Learning ways to help your body not absorb the overwhelming amounts of daily pressure it faces is one of the greatest ways to maintain wellness.


When we allow ourselves to be infested with negative thoughts, we unconsciously look for ways to support what we believe to be true. Create an awareness of what you tell yourself each day. When you are stuck in negative thought patterns such as, "I don't have enough" or "What if" thinking or when you catch yourself making decisions based on what you believe other people might think about you, at first, simply observe that you are having these thoughts. After you've given yourself some time to notice these patterns, change how they affect you by imagining yourself hitting a delete button and canceling out the thought. Then immediately replace it with a new one. For example, if the thought is, "I don't have enough", replace it with, "In this moment, I have everything I need".

You might be thinking, "How can this help me? I won't believe that replacement thought!" The reality is, constantly reminding yourself of all that you lack and all that you're not will most definitely weaken you and over time, your life's decisions and choices will reflect the direction of your mind's compass. If it's always pointing down, it will be impossible for you to go up. What we think about is what we bring into our life.


When you begin a practice such as taking a minimum of 5 minutes to sit quietly alone or a daily deep breathing exercise, you begin to crave its benefits. If you are caught up in the chaos of everyday tensions, consider stopping for even just a minute, to close your eyes and do nothing but breathe-the kind of breaths that when you are done, you feel cleansed and refreshed. Commit to counting 10 slow, deep breaths while erasing all thoughts at least once a day and see how you feel. When you have created a habit, consider expanding this practice to a daily guided meditation and maybe even journal your thoughts. Over time, you will feel calmer with more clarity for making important decisions. It seems like a small step but it carries countless benefits.

Author's Bio: 

Laurie McAnaugh, M.Ed, a dedicated certified professional life coach, teacher and founder of Access Your POWER, believes a strong sense of self is the single most important quality you will ever create. She has found that bridging proven, traditional coaching techniques with alternative methods of guidance creates a more effective and holistic space for forward movement. She relies heavily on her own intuition, allowing clients to reach a higher level of awareness while inspiring them to also consult and trust their own inner wisdom as a means for personal and professional excellence.