The weather is getting better every day, and many children are out of school for spring break, or coming up on summer break. Now is the time that the spring and summer travel season is starting, with many of our patients readying summer homes or visiting friends and family. What can you do to keep your body in the best possible shape the next time you travel for work or pleasure?

Here are a few simple tips:

- Beware the pillow: A sore neck or headache from a bad pillow can put a dampen on your trip. Your pillow should keep your neck in a nice neutral position during the night (so you’re not tilting or twisting). If you can’t swap your dud pillow for another, consider folding a towel to add some extra height to a low or flat pillow. Better yet, consider stopping in and checking out our travel pillow!

- Watch the lifting: Twisting to lift a 10 lb suitcase off of a moving baggage carousel is a recipe for disaster. Keep your body facing whatever you are lifting, bend at your knees rather than your back, and take a breath in while bracing your core to help protect your low back. Don’t forget, whatever you take with you you’ll have to carry, so try to pack as lightly as possible.

- Stay active: Keep up your stretches while you’re away – even if it’s just five minutes a day! Make the most of your new surroundings and get outdoors wherever possible: walk instead of taking a taxi; better yet, incorporate a hike or two into your trip. If you’re staying at a hotel, be sure to check out the gym or pool. If you can incorporate movement into your day, you’ll increase your chances of coming home healthy.

- Break up your trip: Long flights and long drives are not helpful for your health. Try and limit your sitting wherever possible, by walking around on the plane or taking regular breaks from driving. This is one of the most common issues Dr. Seaman, your Niles chiropractor, deals with: someone returns from a vacation, having driven 4+ hours to and from, and now they are sorer than ever before! In addition to breaking up your travel time, we also have great mesh lumbar supports that work well in any car.

- Eat and drink well: While it’s nice to enjoy the local delicacies, keep up your fresh fruit and veggie intake, and remember: the key is moderation!

Before that first big trip of the season, it would be a good idea to make an appointment with your local chiropractor for a thorough exam. This way they can identify and begin to treat any underlying problems that could be exacerbated by long travel times and sitting in one spot. Happy travels!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Cynthia Seaman is a well-known licensed chiropractor and medical acupuncturist serving the northwest side of Chicago for over 28 years, at Seaman Chiropractic Center. Always wanting to expand on her knowledge in natural healing, she has taken postgraduate classes in acupuncture, bio-mechanics, nutrition, rehabilitation, and orthopedics, prenatal and pediatric care.
At Seaman Chiropractic Center, we believe in combining modern technology with natural healing. Dr. Cynthia Seaman has been freeing people from pain in her community and surrounding areas for the past 28 years. She draws her patients from Niles, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Jefferson Park, Sauganash, and the entire Northwest side of Chicago. As a Chiropractor with years of experience, Dr. Seaman is committed to promoting optimal health and well-being of her patients.