In 1984, while inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt, I received, in the silence of my Soul, the Divine Plan for bringing forth Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology that effortlessly connects and aligns us with the deep Inner Peace and unspeakable Joy of the Divine Power, or Diamond Self Within. This Plan germinated in the depths of my unconscious for several years until the Call came to fully awaken and fulfill my Soul's Divine Purpose.

The great myths throughout time have always pointed to mankind’s search for Inner Peace, Spiritual Freedom, Joy and Divine Purpose in life. My Soul has always been on this quest... seeking to be free of limitations and more consciously connected with the unlimited Power and Joy of the Divine. Diamond Alignment has been the Divine Answer to my Soul's search for this ultimate Spiritual Freedom that comes from Higher Consciousness Connection and Soul Awakened Connection that I call Diamond Consciousness.

My experience inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt catalyzed my inner yearning for more direct contact with the Divine. Over the next many years, I searched for expanded ways of connecting with God beyond the traditions of my Catholic upbringing. I attended many churches of multiple denominations, intensely studied the Bible and committed my life to Christ.

But nothing prepared me for what was about to happen next when my Soul propelled me even further into the exploration of the multi-dimensional nature of the Divine ... beyond religion and beyond this earthly plane.

Overcoming Anxiety Attacks and Spiritual Awakening

At 38, I was the model of success by society’s standards … a pillar of the community with 4 children, a multi-million dollar business, a strong social network and a picture of radiant health.

In 1987, I experienced a sudden physical collapse that came from out of the blue. My “fall” was my Soul’s Call for a spiritual awakening that initiated a complete dismantling of my “ideal” life. All the prayers in my heart, the therapy I had started, and all the inspirational talks from my church's pulpit could not relieve my pain or stop the devastating loss of everything I had spent my whole life achieving. Unable to control my world or conquer my grief ... severe anxiety attacks finally forced me to seek medical help. Instead of anti-depressants, my doctor prescribed daily "alone time" to "look within" for managing my anxiety. As one who was addicted to perfection and so externally-focused, I had no idea what "look within" meant and had never entertained the idea of "alone time."

Spiritual Alignments Helped me Find Inner Peace and Unspeakable Joy

Over the next 9 years, a daily ritual of hikes in the forest behind my home became my journey for survival. Each day I brought my fear and pain to the forest and called for Divine Intervention to heal me and my children, and to guide me through the unraveling of my life.

Each day my call was answered with an intimate and wordless phenomenon… Divine Energy Transmissions that freed me from the horizontal trance of my externally-driven life and brought me into vibrational alignment with my Soul … and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth. This daily phenomenon was the Spiritual Healing that transformed my extreme mental, emotional and physical pain (including overcoming anxiety attacks) into the Unspeakable Joy and profound Inner Peace that comes from conscious alignment with the Divine. In those years of my awakening process, I experienced first hand, that when I was brought into Vertical Soul Alignment through the Energy Transmissions in the forest I was freed from suffering and filled with renewed hope, strength and the energy to master my life’s challenges in a new and empowered way.

The Cosmic Energy of Love

These Divine Energy alignments were miraculous to me, as I did nothing to make them happen. For the first time in my life, I was humble and open to receive help - a total contradiction for the superwoman persona that was identified with doing everything myself.

I simply "called" on the Divine each day and surrendered to receive the energy that transformed my pain. Ultimately, this experience led me to viscerally Know the Divine as Energy - the Cosmic Energy of Love. This was not love as a sweet feeling, but Love as a current that had the power to transform anything that was not It... into It... like light transforms a dark room. I experienced this Cosmic Energy as the Divine Power within everything that exists.

Maintaining My Vertical Soul Alignment with Diamond Energy Activation

While these daily infusions of Divine Energy allowed me to experience the Magic of Vertical Soul Alignment, I was unable to maintain this aligned state in the fire of my life. My fervent desire was to abide in the unspeakable Joy, Inner Peace and Spiritual Freedom of this expanded state, not just experience it for 45 minutes a day in my forest.

So, again I insistently called on the Divine, and again over many years I was answered. Through direct experience with the Spiritual Energy Transmissions that I received, I became the architect of a Sacred Technology called Diamond Alignment that activates the same magical Divine Energy alignments I experienced in the forest ... anytime, anywhere. (For the full story, see The Diamond Story at

Creating Access to Diamond Energy Activation for All

It is now my greatest Joy and the fulfillment of my Soul’s purpose to help others awaken to the Divine Power, or Diamond Self Within and fulfill their Soul’s Divine Purpose and Highest Diamond Potential.

In 2007, when I brought the Diamond Alignment Technology onto the worldwide web, I was able to offer access to Diamond Alignment and Diamond Energy Activation to individuals worldwide through my transcendent multi-sensory online phenomenon: The 6-minute Diamond Alignment Experience.

I invite you to join me in accelerating a global shift in spiritual consciousness by bringing Diamond Consciousness and more Diamond Light and Alignment to our world.

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Joy is the founder of Diamond Alignment, the Sacred Technology that creates unspeakable Joy and deep Inner Peace through a transcendent multi-sensory Diamond Energy Activation: The 6-minute Diamond Alignment Experience. This online energy phenomenon is available 24 hours a day with no effort, special training or background.

To experience the Divine as Energy and to unleash this Power of unspeakable Joy within you now, sign up for Jacqueline Joy’s Free Gift pass to the 6-minute Diamond Alignment Experience and other Free Gifts at

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