What is peace? It is anarchy with a smile on it. Come on. I am not telling you anything that you don’t already know. You understand that we all have this sense of corruption, destruction, and turmoil seething inside of us. This is perhaps why the Joker, the infamous villain normally featured in Batman movies resonates so strongly with us. He helps us tap into our primordial nature, our primitive instincts. He shows us that there is really a thin line between love and hate, war and peace, and chaos and order. He works to test our limits, causing these lines to dissolve faster than a wet sheet of toilet paper.

The Joker is a criminal mastermind and psychopath. He understands that all warfare is based on deception. He is a man of no rules, except for dissimulation.
He has even imbued this into his personal style by wearing cracked war paint for makeup along with a hideous purple suit. Like Satan, he deceives the world for the fulfillment of his own personal agenda. He conceals his true identity, and thus hides portions of the truth to create lies and illusions to mislead others. Our ancestors called the practice of dissimulation sorcery or witchcraft. They knew that anything that wasn’t aligned with truth was negative. Today, we call the practice of dissimulation normal.

Dissimulation, much like the Joker’s bleached skin now has a more permanent look. External pressure triggers our minds to release toxic stress hormones that flow into our blood stream. This causes us to be in a perpetual state of fight or flight. We start to see everyone as our enemy. So then we begin to engage in aggressive and even violent behaviors just to survive. This frame of mind is as deadly as a nuclear attack. For it contaminants our spiritual supply (collective consciousness) and demolishes the structure of our moral code.

When we are stuck in survival mode. We are stuck in a prolonged state of desperation, where everyone is just out for them-selves. This way of thinking brings about corruption and chaos. This is when people give up hope and stop believing that the game can be won fair. It’s anarchy with a smile. It’s civility dressed up as a clown. It’s the joke that people play on others. But don’t want the joke played on them-selves. Of course, we could never admit this. Instead, we fall further into the Joker’s clutches and create webs of lies to trap people into. We learn to master the trickery, the illusion, the sorcery, without ever exploring the richness of our true spiritual selves.

Believe it or not, darkness is not used for destruction. It is used for creation. Lightness and darkness have a push/pull effect, where they each work with one another to become stronger. Darkness will prevail when there is no hope, when the moral code of an individual or society is completely destroyed. Yin Yang symbol represents the duel forces of good and evil. By understanding the polarities of nature, we can bring humanity back from destruction, chaos, and despair. We need to understand both the darkness and the light, so then we can be guided out of our despair.

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