They are everywhere! They are plotting in chat rooms, gathering in groups, and sharing information with all of their friends on Facebook. You know the people I am talking about. These are the people who do everything right. They follow a spiritual formula right down to the letter, and yet, they still managed to get it wrong. They are getting frustrated and they want to scream out to the world that spiritual leaders and gurus are con artist, fakes, charlatans and black magicians.

I am sure there are a lot of spiritual leaders that barricade their doors at night. Some have an entourage of people around them to shield them from flying bullets. Others live their lives in fear, dreading the day when their followers revolt and attack them with pitchforks and kitchen knives. Yes, I can honestly say that there are a few spiritual leaders and gurus who are as twisted as a Rasta Man’s dreadlocks. But I can also say that they are a many who are incredibly humble and honest.

Spiritual leaders, priests, and gurus have it tough. They tend to be radical thinkers and people aren’t exactly very receptive to new ideas. Jesus Christ (JC) spent his whole life trying to teach people about enlightenment. Things were different in his day. Information was scarce; very few people knew how to read and had a difficult time understanding spiritual concepts. So JC preached God’s word through parables. Of course, there were people who just didn’t believe in miracles, or in the power of enlightenment.

These were the people who probably had an unhealthy set of 22 teeth and an IQ score that was well below 70. They couldn’t imagine someone who was able to teach and heal with just the power of his heart. They couldn’t understand why so many people flocked to just one man. Jesus knew people were out to get him. I am sure he had many nights when He slept with one eye open. The more people He healed, the more people resented him. People understood his true message only after he died. They looked into the empty cave and at his pile of clothing, and finally understood JC’s teachings. They finally understood the concept of resurrection. Duh! That is what JC was trying to tell you all along.

Today, we have more than enough information. However, our biggest problem is that we lack the capacity to understand the information. We only have so much storage space in our minds. And we fail to understand that we have to constantly get rid of our junk. We have to downsize and throw away all of the thoughts, ideas, and emotions that no longer serve us, or allow us to fulfill our purpose in life. In order for us to move forward, part of us has to die. Sadly, we have become emotional hoarders. We destroy the things that are supposed to help us, and hold on to the things that are destined to bring us to our demise.

People look at spiritual leaders and gurus in awe and wonder how they do it. They can manifest, heal, and create miracles almost effortlessly. These people mistakenly believe that spiritual leaders are powerful because they can retain a great deal of information. However, this is very far from the truth. Spiritual leaders are powerful because they can transcend beyond the concept of truth. This is the concept of resurrection that allows people to embrace the cycles of life and death without sadness and fear.

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