The phenomenon of repeatedly, unexplainably, seeing the same stranger on the street, in your office building, at the grocery store, or elsewhere, instead of all the other people you could possibly bump into, is a fairly common occurrence. We believe there are spiritual explanations for this experience.

We recently received the following e-mail:

“Can you explain why some people meet over the years accidentally on the street? For example, I met a woman 17 years ago on the Internet, later we met in real life, but then we did not communicate anymore. But a few years later we met by chance twice on the street in largest city, and then this woman tried to get a job in a company where I already worked, but she did not know about it. Some strange and mystical coincidence? Is this karma's work? Is this a memory of past incarnations? It seems that fate or some powerful forces are pushing us specifically on the street. Here it should be noted that this woman likes me very much, but I do not like her.” --N.

“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.” --Albert Einstein

Sometimes the reasons for meeting aren’t clear to you, and sometimes they are, though our findings show that everything really does happen for a reason.

Since the early 1990s, Scott has collected the birth data of people he encounters. The individuals he sees on a recurring, seemingly random basis, like the woman on the elevator of the building of his residence, illustrate the idea of personal “orbits” crossing paths. Orbits represent collective personal timing. In this case, forces of the universe pulling people together are symbolized by mutual patterns in the astrology and numerology charts.

In this instance, the phenomenon has to do with Scott’s and the woman’s short-term collective personal timing coinciding, thus, they continually cross paths. Once their respective timing changes, the orbits shift and they don’t see each other as often. In this sort of encounter, based on the patterns, it appears to be a connection with only moderate past life karmic ties, as the draw to each other seems to be mutually neutral, as if they both realize there’s zero reason to pursue more than a casual acquaintance (they are of vastly different age groups and share few interests). But in other cases, the connection is far deeper, as evidenced by the ensuing circumstances.

The study of married or otherwise committed couples in relation to personal orbits is a fascinating study. Time and time again, drastic changes in collective personal timing, mutually in their favor, cements the bond and enriches their rewards. However, without fail, adverse changes in collective timing of one or both partners dissolves the bond. They may choose to stay together as friends, but they both know the relationship has radically transformed or even ended. The same dynamic applies to any other two-person arrangement; collective natal and timing patterns either symbolically pull people together, or force them apart.

As in the case above mentioned by “N.,” where a recurring contact presents a problem, and even ends up a fellow employee, negative karma seems to be a theme. Aside from a possible stalking or surveillance situation, It could be that the person who sent us the above e-mail has some unfinished, past-life business with the person, even to the extent of the type of karma that takes years to balance. Or, it may be a mutual timing connection, challenging to one or both, that tests his or her patience. They might have important lessons to learn. It depends on each unique connection; everyone’s natal patterns and timing are different, as is the energy of each two-person grouping.

Sometimes the connection is so strongly fated that the two people end up together no matter what they decide to do. These are the types of connections that movies and novels are based on—sometimes it’s a dream come true, and other times it’s a nightmare. Again, each case is different and depends on the personal natal configurations, timing, and compatibility.

The situation where one of the two people has a natural aversion to the other person (e.g., a woman has an innate fear of tall Asian men) and, through her fear, continually draws the tall Asian man to her through chance meetings at the neighborhood park, is different, and has to do with attracting what you resist. Though it sounds like the person who sent us the e-mail above could be, in part, drawing the woman to her through dislike of her. Perhaps it’s a combination of forces at play.

So as you regularly encounter particular individuals in your orbit in the future, you can meditate on the topic and try to discern to what degree he or she has meaning in your life. Or, you can consult with an expert in astrology and, or numerology, or a psychic for additional information.

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