Spiritual Growth

Hi Guys I am Maya,
Anyway, I don’t know that I have a story but I am pretty sure my keyboard does and it looks like opening up. I want to share with you my experience as I think I have been pretty lucky within this life, and this so called luck just keeps on growing, the more I look at the luck and are grateful for it the more luminous it seems to become. Luck – I guess that’s what you could call it, or fate or destiny maybe, I don’t really know what force has brought it all into play, but I am certainly glad it did. Amongst the tremendous atrocities, aggression, mistreatment and abuse we observe on the earth I think it’s good to know that things like luck, destiny do exist, there is a greater plan for us, and whether we are aware of it or not that plan takes care of us daily.
If you don’t believe me trust me, if you look for it you will find it – for no other theory is good enough to explain the random or at times seemingly chaotic happenings that occur to bring people together who need to be together for one reason or another. Without each other we cannot grow spiritually, we need each other, even the monks in the caves need a master.
Spiritual growth means different things to different people, for some it is the attainment of the ‘No Mind’ or enlightenment, for others it is abiding by a set philosophy or theosophy, for others it is a commitment to a certain ritualistic religion or faith, involves community- good works and repentance. Each of us have our own ideas about spiritual growth, sculpted by our childhoods, our beliefs, experiences, and the opportunities that come forward within our lives. And I think that at the end of the day this is what matters, where we are- all too often we are looking off into the distance, the horizon, to our dreams, our desires, our goals, that we rarely stop just to be where we are and who we are with. I think, just being able to do this, turn and look at where we are, accept the couch we are sitting on, and who is beside us, pertains to a more generous spiritual growth that is inclusive of all, and embraces all rather than a set attitude or practice through which we will move beyond where we are.
The essence of spiritual growth is within us, and regardless of our outer personality, our preferences, experiences and choices, our inner being, our inner essence draws forward the exact experiences we need to see ourselves more clearly, for if spiritual growth is anything it must be this – our ability to simply see ourselves as we are. Sometimes the more we move towards spirituality the further we move away from ourselves, for we at times need to make private sacrifices in order to admonish our faith, our new age model or philosophy. We have to turn over our power to someone else who seems to know more, is more. Yet at the end of the day, we are already everything we need to be. Realising this, feeling it and knowing it are obviously the tricky part, and the reason everyone goes on the inevitable search for soul or self. But, at the end of the day when we come back to ourselves after the long and exhausting search we see that indeed we held the absolute power and energy required for this growth all along within.
Nothing else is required – we go on long tumultuous journeys, just to realise that we don’t need to go on these journey’s, that everything absolutely everything is already provided. When we need a teacher they out of thin air just walk into our lives one day – when we need to see our own weaknesses sure enough life throws them at us in abundance – when we need to learn how to surrender and open up to light and life – something happens we are knocked to the ground and all of a sudden……
Everything we need is already there – the universe is working overtime to ensure this, it is the fact that we doubt the universe and doubt our own ability which confuses and derails us. Only through changing down a gear, giving up the chase, getting off the carousel and just letting life takes its course, without interference or scepticism from us can we see the bigger picture – the connectedness that guarantees us – nothing less and nothing more than what we already are………
I know it sounds absolutely insane - but that to me is what the essence of spiritual growth is.
If you are looking for a way to undo what has already been done – if you are looking for methods to help you give up fear and uncertainty, and relax into life rather than resist and tussle with it please visit my site where I channel Mother Mary and sign up for her free 6 week ‘Opening Your Heart Centre ‘ course. I have seen miracles within my own life and within my own being.
In gratefulness


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Maya’s Bio
Maya has spent the last 14 years studying with an anonymous enlightened teacher who wishes to remain that way, while also investigating and working with a number of other models, teachers, books and theories. The two main theories which have impressed her the most significantly are Osho and Sri Aurobindo. These two philosophies appear to be polar opposites, but have reached a meeting place within Maya, she is extremely grateful for these experiences which have been great blessings on her spiritual path.
Maya has also spent the last 14 years channeling Ascended Masters. She conducted a meditation group in Melbourne in 1997-1999, with occasional workshops during this time and afterwards in different locations. Within this time, Maya gave private channeling sessions, energetic tune ins where she read clients energetic field, what memories, repressed emotions that were held within, and conducted infrequent energetic healings.
Maya then relocated and focused more on her channelled writings. She has channelled much written work since her relocation, and is currently working on a manuscript that she hopes to publish. Within the past 14 years she has worked intensely with her teacher, learning how to open up to energies, practicing specific meditations given by the Ascended Masters to achieve this. As well as with her teacher’s guidance looking at her own repressed memories and emotions, beliefs and fears.
It is a result of this intense inner focus and work that now Maya comes forward with new written information – in the form of a website titled www.messagesfrommothermary.com where she hopes to encourage other spiritual seekers to continue to go within so that they too can see the limitation of the mind, and seek to move beyond it.