It is holiday time again and time to think about a conscious celebration. The difference between what we think and want to feel like and what we actually experience, can drive even the most dedicated wellness woman into less than optimal choices with their eating and plans at this time of the year.

Most of us are overtired, overbooked and over worked at this time of the year. Very bad planning, because it is actually the time to slow down, sit in the darkening days and contemplate our lives over the past months and year to come.
To really enjoy this time of celebration and contemplation we need to make some intentional plans.

Around food there are basically 4 choices. Will you resist, renegotiate, replace or just relinquish all control and dive in? We can make use of all of these with a little forethought.

There may be some things that you know from past experience just don’t work for you, in moderation or in any other way. Maybe it is the hors d'oeuvres at the parties or candy canes or even alcohol.

What are the things that trigger your interest in food and disconnect you from everything else? You may want to go on the resistance plan with them. There is a saying “when in doubt, leave them out”.

But other things that you seem to be able to manage in limited quantities or specific situations, may be planned for and enjoyed that way. Renegotiating your usual plan or way of eating for the seasonal get togethers can be an effective, conscious way of addressing eating. Maybe a piece of your grandma’s apple pie is sufficient and safe if you don’t take the rest of the treat home with you.

But if it gives you headaches or stomach aches or causes sugar cravings the next day, you might want to consider replacing it with fresh fruit, candy cane tea, or a remake of the recipe with substances that don’t harm or harass you.

You may be in a place to relinquish all the regular guidelines and eat whatever comes to mind or mouth, but be careful and honest with this. Food addiction can be triggered by behaviour, belief and by the substances that we are sensitive to.

Be sure that the nudge to relinquish the “rules” is from the well place inside you, not from the overtired, maxed out mind or overwrought emotional center.
Just as our minds and emotions seem more sensitive with the holiday crush, so are our bodies. They commonly require more conscious care.

You can make this a season of creative caring for your needs while you celebrate the things that are truly meaningful to you. Planning for pleasure can keep a compulsive eater from ending up ill and unhappy.

You may want to consider these same 4 R’s with your time, money and relationships during the holiday season as well!
Many blessings for your health and home

Treating Food Addiction and Compulsive Eating
copyright December 2009

Author's Bio: 

I have eaten and drank my way through enough holiday seasons that I am committed to not missing another one. After losing over 100 lbs and keeping it off for over a decade I began to treat and teach about food addiction. Small conscious steps can change anything. Now another decade later, still promoting a wholistic approach to treating eating issues. I speak to a global audience that is beginning to understand the magnitude of society eating dysfunction. The one message I carry is that there is freedom from the food fix.