The need for proper hair care during winter

The texture and quality of your hair is likely to break or make your beautiful image. Hence it is vital to take proper care during the winter season. The air is turning chilly, the heater being on and apparels being accompanied with a scarf or a hat; winter season creates havoc not only to the skin but is equally detrimental for the hair too.

With alteration in the season especially the winter season, the hair requires extra nourishment and attention. Below is a list of natural remedies for hair as a healthy New Year gift to help you flaunt healthier and shinier locks.

Tips for healthy, shiny tresses this New Year

  • Proper oil massage: Due to the chilly winds in the winter season, the temperature outside is cold, yet it is generally warm indoors. Hence due to change in temperature, it is indeed vital to oil the hair properly to prevent them from breakage. For best results, use warm oil preferably olive or coconut for massaging the scalp and hair at least for 1 hour for restoring the moisture of the tresses. Post shampooing, if there is little oil left over, do not shampoo again but let it be as it will help to condition the hair. Shampooing the hair daily peels off all the natural oils present in the hair. As the winter season is dry, chances are high that your lovely tresses are likely to get dry thereby making it brittle. Hence oiling the hair is beneficial. It is one of the most beneficial natural remedies for hair care during winter.
  • Well-organized lifestyle: this is crucial and includes healthy eating and stress free living. Include plenty of water, green vegetables, fruits and sprouts in your regular diet. Yoga and good sleep are also beneficial in maintaining healthy hair all throughout the year.
  • Moisturizing: Keep your lovely tresses well moisturized. Always select shampoos and conditioners that are rich in moisturizer. These will help in protecting the hair against the damaging chilly weather.
  • Use satin scarves and caps: if you wear scarves and caps made of wool for protecting yourself against the chilly cold you are likely to experience hair breakage in particular areas as scarves and caps have a tendency of rubbing against the gentle manes and thereby pulling them out. For best results, always use caps and scarves made of satin or cotton lining. This is one of the most recommended natural remedies for hair care particularly during the winter season.

With these natural remedies as a healthy New Year gift, you can easily retain the natural shine and bounce of your tresses and wholeheartedly welcome the New Year with a broad smile.

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