What exactly IS a Life Coach?

Coaching has become the leading tool that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. The life coaching profession is certainly not new, though it is fast becoming popular due to peoples’ increased interest in personal development and an overall need to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Though many people associate Coaching to things like sports, the truth is, the majority of coaches today work with their clients to clarify and identify what they want to achieve personally, professionally and spiritually, then support and empower them to achieve the life they desire.

There are many types of coaches that are experts in various fields: Executive, Business, Career, Relationship, Spiritual, Leadership, Success, Performance, and so forth. I, for example, am a spiritual Life Coach utilizing the Law of Attraction and Dreamtending techniques.

If you have never considered a coach to enhance your business and personal life, then now is the time to get started.

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky." Rumi

A life coach will help you identify and transform areas in your life that are calling to you for change. A coach partners with people in order to resolve personal, emotional, behavioral, spiritual and lifestyle issues with the ultimate goal being to help individuals develop internal and external structures that allow them achieve success and to increase their potential by expanding their sense of what is possible. Coaches encourage individuals to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge that will help them develop action plans to meet goals. In the coaching process coaches are seen as collaborators that work with the individual by tackling obstacles such as negative belief systems, time management, organization, problem solving and navigating through the learning curve by using support, encouragement, teaching skills and goal setting. Ultimately, coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice.

During weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, clients start by identifying what is most important to them, then utilizing Law of Attraction principles and visualization processes, align their thoughts, beliefs and actions accordingly. A coach provides daily accountability for simple action steps which increase the client’s results exponentially. In order to manifest a life one truly loves and is passionate about, one must get detailed clarity on their values and connect to their feeling of purpose. This then enables more deliberate and consistent choices with actions that then support the client in living the life they desire. Life coaching offers a proven means for creating more peace, balance, joy, energy, abundance, clarity and action in all areas of your life.

If you’re wondering about what kind of people work with life coaches, the list is endless. A few examples of people who typically work with a life coach include business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, professionals, athletes, parents, people in transition or who want more from their lives, celebrities and more. Regardless of your professional or personal place in life, clients all have something in common: they are all intelligent, resourceful and conscious minded individuals who want more out of their life, and are will to take the steps to do so. Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Lance Armstrong routinely hire life coaches to help them be at their peak performance.

“You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey” Abraham Hicks

Most often, people hire a life coach because they want more of something in their life (love, happiness, confidence, self-esteem, success, freedom, abundance, a new career, health and wellness, a more positive outlook, etc.) and/or less of something (fear, stress, procrastination, frustration, anxiety, unworthiness, powerlessness, overwhelm, feeling unfulfilled, etc.) In my practice, I often encounter people whose dreams are showing them where they are unhappy or in desperate need of change, but they have no idea about how to change their situation without external support. This is where life coaching comes in, because an outside expert can help them in ways they would not be able to see for themselves in a very supportive, empowering way. A coach will work on belief systems that may be holding you back, patterns that don’t serve you, be a kind constructive mirror and challenge you to achieve your highest potential. And because coaching can be done over the telephone, a coach can work with someone located anywhere in the world.

”I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” Charles Swindoll

When you hire a life coach, you are paying for an accountability partner, information, new ways of perceiving things, support, collaboration, energy, empowerment, creativity, availability, advise, strategies and planning. Using the Law of Attraction, you are also paying for a spiritually based system that helps transform the way you think about things, incorporating processes designed to shift you vibrationally from what you don’t want, to what you do want so that you can immediately begin to see positive changes in your life. Life Coaching is a results-based interaction whereby the Coach is able to tap into the inner wisdom of the client to answer many of their own challenges and also provides a reflection so that the client can see how he or she may be thinking that is holding them back from what they truly desire.

The kind of coach you hire depends on the results you are looking for. If you are looking to increase sales, you will most likely want to hire a business coach, if you want to run your business more effectively and efficiently, you will most likely want an Executive or Leadership Coach. If you want to manifest a life partner or improve your current relationship you will probably want a relationship coach. However, many coaches are fluent in many areas within their practices. You want to look for someone you trust and who you feel very comfortable with and who demonstrate innate qualities such as sensitivity, empathy and intuition. Indicators that you have found the right coach include someone that will help you have enough energy, happiness, money, wonderful relationships, joy and the feeling of well being that gets you easily through your days. You also want to find someone who will help hold you accountable for the intentions you have set for yourself and keep you on target to achieve your personal and professional goals. Finally, a life coach should help you experience joy in your day-to-day life while you are creating your ideal outcome.

Author's Bio: 

Bambi Corso
International Life Purpose Specialist

Bambi is the founder of Living with Purpose… On Purpose, a company dedicated to deepening people’s sense of purpose and calling by teaching them to connect with and live their life’s passions.

With over 27 years of corporate experience, Bambi’s passion is helping other transitioning professionals to begin living the life they feel called to live, just as she has. She does this by using her expertise in spirituality, energy and mindset management, the law of attraction and dreamwork.

Bambi believes in possibilities; in the power of change; and that every individual has the ability to chart a different path simply by choosing an authentic life based on deliberate choices. She uses her training and philosophy to help others open their minds to enhanced perspectives that support these changes, working to overcome limiting beliefs that may keep them from manifesting the life they desire. She also uses her expertise in dreamwork to help support these changes because each dream is constantly commenting on the true and emotional state of the dreamer. By combining the two, the ultimate reach is deeper and attention is drawn to what may not otherwise have been consciously recognized.

Bambi gives her clients tools to listen to their inner wisdom and intuition in order to chart the path that most resonates with them and is known for her ability to listen deeply and see the bigger story that is playing out in her clients lives.