Binge eating is an eating disorder that has been reported to be far more common than the more well know ones such as anorexia and bulimia. Reports suggest that somewhere between 2 to 5 per cent of the US population experience binge eating disorder at some stage.

So what are the options for binge eating treatment for this commonplace and devastating condition?

Here are some smart tips and strategies to get binge eating help and live with freedom from the obsession.

1. Eliminate the diet mentality
Diets and restrictions always trigger binge eating and are a major impediment to binge eating treatment. Any time you restrict or diet all that you will achieve is further obsession and more overeating episodes that will leave you depressed and miserable. Diets lead to failure and are the main driver of this illness! The diet mentality in out culture is so ingrained but the facts show that up to 98% of all diets fail. And what is even worse is that they can lead to eating disorders.

2. Eat regular meals
In order to get binge eating disorder treatment it is important that your body is nourished and doesn’t have the physiological craving for food. Make sure that you eat at regular times, food that you actually enjoy and find satisfying. Eating diet food and low calorie options will only trigger the compulsive eating disorder because you will feel deprived as well as obsessed due to the hunger. Be sure to also eat things that you actually do enjoy and to not cut out foods or food groups that you have labeled as “bad”. This fuels the obsession and will make you crave them more.

3. Don’t over exercise
Watch the exercise! While exercise is healthy and beneficial for many reasons, it can also create strong cravings if you overdo it. Try to limit your exercise while you are in the early stages of recovery or engage in exercise that is not too difficult

4. Recognize and accept the desire to binge when it occurs
For the most effective binge eating treatment it is best to act immediately on the compulsion and do something different. If you have a support group you can reach out and call someone. Write out your feelings, talk to a supportive friends about what is going on and do something positive for yourself instead.

Acknowledging and expressing the urges and compulsions when they occur is the fastest way to get binge eating help.

5. Be patient with yourself
Binge eating treatment takes time, practice and patience. Allow yourself the time to make mistakes, to find what works for you and to create a great support network that can benefit you in the long term. Take the time to see what works for you and always practice a gentle attitude towards yourself. You did not cause this disorder and you can recover. Giving yourself a hard time for every “mistake” that you think you have made will just further perpetuate the black and white thinking as well as feelings of low self esteem and frustration.

Most importantly, understand that the binge eating disorder did not happen overnight and so it will take time to heal and find permanent binge eating treatment and recovery. The great news is that it is possible and you can live with freedom and a lasting binge eating cure.

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Nina has successfully recovered from all eating disorders and is an intuitve eater with a healthy relationship with food and weight. She has maintained a 40 pound weight loss since entering binge eating treatment recovery..

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