Depriving yourself of a good sleep has great impact on your performance at work and in dealing with the people around you. Read further to learn more about sleep deprivation and its impact on a person’s life.

By default, sleeping is our body's way of rejuvenating energy and restoring health of the body.

With today's busy, sedentary lifestyle, people in general get lesser quality of sleep. This disorder affects millions of people worldwide especially in highly industrialized centers. Chronic Stress / fatigue and anxiety are on top of the list for sleep disturbance. For one, sleep is a mood indicator in the following day. When deprived of sleep, you will most likely feel irritated during the day, have slow reflexes, memory loss, and have difficulties in solving problems.

The phenomenon is simple - when things get rough, sleeping patterns gets disturbed. And when sleeping patterns are upset, health is compromised and thus illnesses take place. Further, recent research shows that there is a neural link between sleep deprivation and anxiety. It suggests that when a person is highly dispossessed of sleep, the brain tends to impair emotional reactions. It bends back to its more primitive primal stage of activity and disables the person to respond appropriately to a certain situation. The abnormal manifestations of anxiety such as sleep disturbance are not automatic. They wait for its proper timing usually taking six months or more to take place.

People who have had intense life crisis and constant anxiousness will most likely reap what they have sowed in earlier times. Worst, the closest thing that can happen is the inability to deal with life successfully. This may show in lesser productivity in work, less quality time with family and friends, and more susceptibility to diseases since the immune system is less strong.

Also, the stakes can be very high once you get pulled down by sleep deprivation. In the 1980's, more than 50 billion dollars, over 2 million crippling injuries, more than 20,000 deaths and thousands of job loss is due to sleep deprivation.

Notice that everything around you is an open system and so every single thing needs a release at a given time. When you have anxiety and it does not seem to physically affect you at all in the present, it will in normal cases affect you sometime in the future, and that can be sleep disturbance to give one example and I'm sure you do not want to keep this with you as you go on with life.

The ill effects of sleep deprivation rooting from anxiety can be colossal and can be a total wipe out in terms of work, social relationships and personal ambitions in life. Why make yourself suffer when you can take simple, do-it-yourself actions that can cure your anxieties?

These simple, do it yourself actions will not even cost you a fortune. Eating the right kind of foods is one good way towards managing your anxiety better. When you see to it that you are eating nutritious foods you will become physically healthy. Being physically healthy has a domino effect in your holistic development. A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Having a healthy mind gives you more ability to handle those worries that you meet daily in your workplace, at home or everywhere. Thus, anxieties will stop creeping up inside your thoughts as you have more ability to handle those anxieties.

Another simple, do-it-yourself action to help you say goodbye to your anxieties would be an exercise. Physical exercises will make you sweat and will help you be relieved from your daily stress. Just like observing a proper diet, physical exercise helps you become healthier. A lot of people claim that they always have a good sleep after every work out. This is because their stress and anxieties have been released during the process of exercising. Thus, they’re no longer depriving themselves of a good sleep, making them more productive at work and more effective in dealing with people every day. Please note that proper diet and exercise are crucial in curing anxiety.

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