Do you know the signs of stress? Not just feeling stress. Because waiting until you feel stress is like deciding to fight the enemy after they've come through the gate and over the walls. Your body and your mind let you know that stress is coming.

Stress makes your body go into "fight or flight" reaction. There are countless systems and methods to minimize the effects of this once it kicks in. But what if you got ahead of the stress? What if you could cut off the reaction before it started?

Here are 5 signs of stress that affect you mentally (as opposed to emotionally or physically):
1. Memory problems. Stress acts a silent, internal distracter. Part of your mind is literally always focused on the stress, thinking about it, trying to figure it out. This sometimes results in you forgetting little things (like how to tie a tie) or big things (a missed appointment). If you notice this happening, start looking for stress that you aren’t dealing with.
2. Concentration problems. Since part of your mind is tinkering with the stress, your concentration is not 100% on whatever task you are trying to focus on.
3. Judgment problems. Many times, to escape the pain or unpleasantness of the stress, you will unconsciously make self-destructive decisions. More drinking, overeating, and promiscuous sex are all poor judgment decisions that people make when under stress. If your behavior in these areas increases, start thinking about attacking your stress.
4. Worry problems. A little bit of worry is natural, and even good. It protects you from rash decisions. But if your worry is starting to overwhelm your decisions or your actions, it is a sign that stress is increasing in your life.
5. Uncontrollable thoughts problems. Your thoughts rise up, like bubbles from the bottom of the lake. And you, when you are not being pushed by stress, can pick and choose the thoughts you want to entertain or follow up with. But when your thoughts come faster and uncontrollably, and you are losing the ability to rein them in, take time to step back and find the stress in your life that is contributing to this.

Think back to the last big fight you had with stress. Wouldn't it have been easier if you could stay focused? If you weren't fatigued? If you could think clearly, and not be distracted? Wouldn't it have been easier if you had fought the stress before these signs kicked in?

A stress management system that (kicks in) immediately on seeing one of these or other signs of stress will give you a better chance of fighting through the stress successfully. A system that has components specifically focused on strengthening these areas is more likely to make the stress feel - well, stressless. Having the right tool for the job is a lot easier when the job tells you what tool to use. Learn to recognize and react to the signs of stress.

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