signs of depression usually sneak up on a person slowly. We all have those days when we feel a little sad and blue with no explanation. These days however, usually pass and you return to your normal cheerful self. However, for sometimes instead of those blue days passing on by, they linger and turn into a dark cloud hanging over everything they do and weighing you down. One morning you will wake up and discover, or more likely a loved on will discover that you have all the classic signs and symptoms of depression.

These symptoms may include either the inability to sleep or sleeping too much, an ability to concentrate on anything, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, irritability, a reduced sex drive, and either a loss of appetite or you won't be able to quit easy.

When these symptoms first appear you may pass them off as worry about work or problems at home or other things that are going on in your life. But, if these symptoms continue and the weeks turn into months you will need to get professional help to deal with your depression and get your on the road to recovery. The good thing about getting help is that once your depression is recognized and dealt with your symptoms will disappear one by one. However, in cases where constant eating was part and parcel of your depressed state you will have to deal with the consequences of this symptom and loss that added weight to get on with a healthier life.

weight loss foods

weight loss foods are going to need to become a part of you daily diet in order to help you loss the wait you put on while that depression had a hold of you. Wait loss foods are those that are high in vitamins and minerals and contain little fat and calories. Eating a balanced diet and including such weight loss foods as fruits, vegetables and lean fish will not only help you shed those pounds but, will strengthen your immune system and heart as well. There is no need to give up those snacks either. Just substitute those cookies and bonbons for raw celery, an apple, a banana or some other weight loss foods that are high in vitamins and minerals and will satisfy that need to eat without adding a lot of unwanted calories. To help burn up those excess calories why not include exercise as part of your daily routine.

A nice brisk walk twice a day is a great start and you can build from there. Eating properly won't be a quick fix. It took time to put on those unhealthy pounds so it is going to take time to shed them as well. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race and before you know that combination of weight loss foods and exercise will have looking and feeling completely like your old self again. Who knows? Maybe you will soon be feeling better than your old self, both emotionally and physically.

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