“Science has narrowed the line between reality and virtuality.” This statement is proven right by two leading technologies that are an excellent example of the modern science. AR and VR are two terms become the revolution in manufacturing, education, Automotive and healthcare industry. Using VR gadgets as a bridge between reality and virtual world consumer’s experience has increased exceptionally, on the other side AR is merging reality and virtuality and opening various new dimensions in research, education and in various other sectors.

Virtual Reality

Since its inception in 1956, VR is constantly gaining progress, but the noted change was when in 2014 Facebook bought Oculus a well-known VR company. It was the changing moment for VR industry where various industries started to look into VR’s actual potential.

Scope and Majorly Affected Sectors

VR in Filmmaking- From 3D movies to complete 360o angle movies, VR has changed the novelty of filmmaking industry. Films are the way to see everything without the barriers of time and portrait the emotions and bring characters into audience life. And VR brings this whole creativity in a whole new level where the audience feels like sharing space with the character which is an extraordinary experience of watching a film.

Health Sector- Healthcare sector has adopted many modern techs to improve patient’s health mentally as well as physically; adding VR is one of the major steps in it. Most of the time, the patient feels sick in the environment where they are having treatment, this impacts them psychologically. VR, often diverts a patient’s mindset and the rehab process becomes much more comfortable and relaxed. VR helps patients to experience being in other places which makes treatment process less painful. It also helps to assess the health of the patient in remote areas without even visiting the hospital.

Gaming- Virtual reality gaming is the most trending thing in the gaming world. It takes a player to their utmost gaming experience where playing VR game makes them experience being in it. Virtual reality in gaming uses bio sensing so the movements of the gamer can change into 3D space and game will responses according to it.

Education and Training- Learning is an important part of education system learning becomes critical when it comes to difficult fields like engineering and teaching something new to small children. VR has the solution to involve learner to its learning field by present the subject in 3D scale. So the interaction becomes more exciting and complicated topics can be easily understandable.

Augmented Reality

Where VR needed a head-mounted gadget to connect to the virtual world, AR has brought virtual world to the user’s gadgets directly. In 2016, Pokémon go delivered an exceptional experience to gamers and introduced AR as a new disruptive tech in the game world.
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