There are those who had a childhood that was very nurturing and then there are those that didn’t. Along with this, there are those that had a childhood that was in the middle; neither very nurturing nor overly depriving.

When it comes to someone who had a very loving childhood, it can seem as though they were lucky. Yet, when it comes to someone who didn’t have a loving childhood, it can seem as though they were unlucky.

A natural Outlook

But, as one person will have been born into a loving family and one person won’t have, this is to be expected. One person won’t have been deserving of being loved and the other undeserving of being loved, so what other conclusion could be formed?

And, what took place at a stage of their life when they were powerless and totally dependent will play a big part in what their life is like as an adult. Therefore, the luck or bad luck that someone experienced very early on is likely to have stayed with them.

The Next Step

As a result of this, it could be said that some people just happen to be treated well when they are younger and some people don’t. Life is then a lot kinder to some people than it is to others.

Now, if someone was treated badly during their formative years, having this view could make them feel even worse. The reason for this is that not only were they treated badly but they just happened to end up with a family like this.

Another part

What this could also do is validate how they already feel about themselves. So, as they were treated badly, they can believe that they don’t deserve to be treated well, and, as they were ‘unlucky’, this will add more weight to what they already believe.

They can believe that if they did deserve to be treated well, they would have been lucky during this stage of their life and had loving parents. They might even believe that someone or something ‘out there’ was punishing them and is continuing to do so.

Another Angle

Nonetheless, what if they were not merely unlucky during this phase of their life and played a part in why they had the parents that they had? Upon hearing this, they could be deeply angry.

They could say that there is no way that they would have chosen their parents. But, as this was a stage of their life when they suffered immensely, how else would they respond?

Steeping Back

There is a chance that they might need to work on their inner wounds for quite some time before they are able to deeply reflect on this viewpoint. If so, they are going to be carrying too much pain and hurt to be able to explore this point.

Then again, as hard as it might be for a part of them to consider this point, another part of them might want to know more. This part might want to know how they might have played a part in why they had the parents that they had.

Going Deeper

What first needs to be acknowledged is something called the law of resonance. What this law states is that everyone and everything is made up of vibrating energy, and, in order for one person to be drawn to another person or thing, there needs to be an energetic match.

When there is an energetic match, there will be a coming together. Conversely, when there is not an energetic match, it won’t be possible for a person to be drawn to another person or thing.

The Next part

Assuming that this is the truth, although they were in an underdeveloped state when they were in their mother’s womb, they didn’t just randomly end up there. There had to be an energetic match, otherwise, they would have been in another woman’s womb.

The part of them that already came in with a certain vibration, then, could be seen as their soul. And, as to why this part of them would already have a certain vibration, it could be said that this is a consequence of the last life/lives that they had.

Not a Blank Slate

Thus, once their last life came to an end, their slate wasn’t fully wiped clean, so to speak; what was going on in this life influenced their next life. One way of looking at this would be to say that what was not resolved was brought forward, to their next life, so that it could finally be resolved.

If they are on board with this understanding, they will see that it is not they were unlucky and some other people were lucky; what they experienced was a continuation from where they left off last time. But, as they would have been too underdeveloped to realise what was going on and been born into a society that generally doesn’t explore this topic, it is not a surprise that they would have come to believe that what took place was random and that they were being punished.


If someone can relate to this and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for support. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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