The male hormone testosterone naturally declines over time, about 10 percent for each decade of life. A related hormone called HGH (human growth hormone) is produced by the pituitary gland. When levels of this hormone are lower than normal, men may experience a wide range of physical issues, including reduced sex drive, increased body fat and general fatigue, mood changes, and adjustments in cholesterol levels. If lower levels of testosterone and HGH are affecting health and quality of life for a man, one possible solution is HGH therapy by way of  Sermorelin injections.

What is Sermorelin Acetate?

Sermorelin acetate is a bio-identical hormone designed to stimulate the production of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) by a gland next to the pituitary gland known as the hypothalamus. GHRH contains some of the amino acids also found in natural human growth hormone. What the synthetically made hormone does is make up for hormone deficiencies that naturally occur with age.

How is Sermorelin Administered?

This for of HGH treatment is delivered as an injection in a vial that's sealed to protect the hormone peptide. Each vial includes a special water-based solution that's combined with the synthetic hormone for injection. The injection can be placed into area where there is body fat. It's administered with a small needle that's similar to what's used by diabetics who need to self-inject insulin. Initially, the injections will need to be administered daily.

Sermorelin Dosage and Administration

Growth hormone production occurs more frequently during sleep. For this reason, it's usually recommended that monitored dosages and injections be administered shortly before bedtime. The synthetic hormone also tends to promote sleep. This may benefit some men with sleep issues related to other medical problems.  You may think, why night time administration?  The highest amount of HGH release occurs during night time, typically during your deep REM sleep. When you are sleeping regeneration occurs. Injections of sermorelin prior to sleep will potentially increase the healing and repair benefits.

Your specific dosage will be prescribed by your HGH therapy physician, but typical sermorelin dosages look like the following:

240 mcg Sermorelin:    Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone     

120 mcg GHRP–6:         Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide

240 mcg GHRP–2:         Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide

Sermorelin Benefits and Results

The treatment has what's referred to as a "loading period" before effects are noticeable. For some men, this may be a few months. It typically takes some time for the optimal hormone levels to be reached once injections are administered. When this happens will depend on a man's specific biological processes, which can be affected by overall health, underlying conditions, age, and similar factors.

What Are Possible Benefits of Sermorelin Injections?

Individual needs and the extent of a man's testosterone deficiency will determine the exact dose that's recommended. It's approved as being safe for both children and adults for the stimulation of growth hormone production. While individual will vary, men undergoing this treatment may experience the following benefits:

• Improved cardiovascular health
• More productive sleep due to reduced daytime fatigue
• Lower risk of osteoporosis (joint arthritis)
• Better regulation of immune system functions
• More energy and general improvements with quality of life

There are potential benefits associated with human growth hormone replacement therapy along with possible side effects. Sermorelin is an appealing form or HGH therapy because injection frequencies may be reduced over time once optimal growth hormone levels have been reached. In situations like this, patients are usually transitioned to a maintenance protocol instead of daily injections. Following initial testing to determine the extent of your hormone deficiencies, your doctor can let you know if this treatment is the right option for you.

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