There is so much more to self-care than keeping clean and eating healthy. Designating some quality and alone time to yourself is vital in maintaining your physical, emotional (happy soul), and mental well-being. Working and taking care of others is important. But what about yourself? When you neglect yourself for a long time, your body accumulates negative energy. Eventually, you will channel that energy to the people you care about, ruining perfect relationships. Evidently, before you embark on taking care of others, you must first care for yourself. Besides keeping you healthy and productive, self-care is also essential in maintaining a perfect relationship with your partner.

Self-care embraces loving yourself more, which includes taking great care of your body and mind. You can start by having a great sex life and nothing raises the bar in bed than using sex toys. Exciting sex life is important when it comes to intimacy and human connections. This is partly due to the fact that sex is what makes us human, and as such, you should try everything possible to help enjoy the intimate thrills, passions, and elevated fun of a sexual relationship. As such, you should try (or rather give your all) to introduce sex toys to your partner. Among the above reasons for doing so, introducing and learning how to use sex toys is to experience passion from any angle and enjoy sex positions that will foster a wide array of sexual experiences for you and your partner.

Bringing the idea of incorporating sex toys in your relationship is not always a walk in the park - getting your better half involved can be a bit tricky! But don’t stress, there are ways to smoothly and seamlessly introduce toys and how to use them to your couple. All you need is to figure out a way of bringing up the subject (this is highly dependent on how well you know your partner) and choose the best time to do it. Then ease the topic into your sex conversation gently.

You may have to bring the subject more than once, but you need to be articulate and reassuring. While pursuing this and hoping your partner will meet you halfway, fight the fear of the unknown by doing thorough research about sex toys. Bringing your partner to accept the ideas is not the end of your mission. On the contrary, it is the beginning. Start your journey by going to an online shop for sex toys together. At home, take your time, solo, as a partner, and play with the toys before trying them out. Lastly, let your partner control the pleasure, otherwise, she/ he will see the toy as a competitor.

Self-care Tips that Will Strengthen your Relationship

1. Maintain your Independence and Confidence Even when in a relationship, you should not lose your authenticity and start depending on your other half to prove your worth. Whether it is dressing up, making your hair, putting on incredible makeup, or even getting in shape, ensure you do it for yourself. This elevates your confidence and self-worth, which is arguably one of the most attractive attributes in a relationship.

2. Learn to Enjoy Your Alone Time Some people prefer and enjoy their time alone, and others can't stay for an hour without some company. If you find it hard to enjoy some time by yourself, you should try adopting a hobby or try a new thing. Take some ‘me’ time and explore your body as a whole - what pleasures you and what doesn't. You can then confidently share with your lovely partner and elevate your sex and love life up a notch. To enhance your experience further, follow us to explore, order, and learn how to use sex toys and experience a new adventure in your sex life.

3. Keep Connected with Your Good Friends Sometimes, talking to a good friend [that one confidant] is all the therapy you need. They are great support systems and help us work through stress and other issues that derail any aspect of our health. Spending some time with them also helps us recharge and re-energies. If you have been feeling overwhelmed lately, take a breather and organize a playmate with your friends. Friendships bring along lots of positive energy, which you automatically transmit to your partner.

4.Set Some Healthy Boundaries Setting personal boundaries is a vital aspect of self-care, as it teaches other people how to treat you. You are a different person from your partner, and thus, boundaries define who you are and who you are not, which contributes to a healthy relationship. Physical limitations involve your body and everything related to your personal space, while emotional boundaries include any aspect of your feelings. Understanding and appreciating your partner's limits prevents any physical, emotional, and mental stress. On this ground, it facilitates the development of a happy and healthy relationship.

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