Relocation is a tuff task and needs lots of time. There are many moving companies around us offer complete relocation solution but it is not possible for everyone to hire them. Many people compel to carryout their relocation by own due to financial position and several other issues. This article will provide you some simple guidelines that will make your shipping safe and easily manageable. So if you are going to relocate whether by self or with the help of professional movers, please go through following lines carefully. It will help you a lot to manage your relocation.

First sort-out all the unwanted stuffs from your home that don’t have any use in future. Sell them or donate them as your wish. Make a list of items that you want to move to new places as a proof what you have and you can easily also cross-check that all the stuffs have been shifted properly to your new living place after relocation with this list. Purchase good quality packing supplies and start packing about one month before relocation. First pack items that don’t have early use and at the last daily usable. Make a first open box put all the important stuffs that you will need first at your new residence one day before of the day of your move. Label this box as “First Open Box” and load it the last so it can be unloaded first at your new living place.

Hire a goods transporter from any reputed automobile leasing company with expert driver. For loading and unloading ask for help from your friends or hire workers on hourly rates. Load all the items very carefully and shift to the mentioned. Some responsible persons should be available over the goods transporter during shipping to handle any troublesome situation. On reaching to new home, unload all the stuffs with the help of workers and place them at a spacious place like an empty room. Unpack one carton at a time and arrange its stuffs first so that unpacking and rearranging of your stuffs becomes easily manageable.

There are many other issues in shifting to a new place. Inform your friends and colleagues about shifting to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Also meet from your neighbors and tell about shifting. Ask them if any mail comes at old address; please pass it to the new address. Give them contact number and address of your new living place. Pay all your debit bills before relocation and request from responsible authorities to stop your services after relocation otherwise you will have to pay unused bills as well. Some items are prohibited for transportation. So take details information about these rules and plan your shifting accordingly.

These are the some important tips that will make your relocation safe and easily manageable. So follow these important guidelines in shipping your valuable home stuffs to make the entire process smooth and trouble-free.

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Kundan Singh is a professional consultant of packing and shifting related issues. He also has worked with many expert Gurgaon Movers Packers based firms.