We seldom realize that there is a force which keeps us going on, in a situation
which demands perseverance, resilience, endurance and the internal drive which
comes from within to let us move ahead, produce, grow and achieve something,
this is what is recognised as Self-motivation. The question is whether does
everyone experiences this force and the zest to achieve? If not, then what could
be the factors or circumstances that kindle this fire in ourself? What if we could
know how to stay self-motivated?
To explore this, one has to travel within, know your true self, understand your
aspirations and set your goals, try to discover over your real strengths, question
the purpose of your being there… Having said all this, from where to begin?
The way towards igniting the fire of self-motivation, the journey has to begin
inward. What makes you happy, gives you sense of contentment is all about
finding your fullness and this is something which no one can ever take away.
Let us discover simple series of actions to begin with and cultivate an
environment of self-motivation:
• Start simple – Create Self-awareness, i.e. know what you need from life,
question what makes you truly happy, be aware of yourself! This would
further simplify when you identify your life goals in 6 areas i.e. health,
career, relationships, social life, wealth and personal development. Set up
a vision of what you want to be in these basic domains of life. These
different areas when focused with a balance, will always keep you calm,
composed and happy.
• Keep motivators around you – Any factor, living or non-living like a
book or a person which helps you or gives you positive zeal towards
pursuit of the goals in the above shared areas of life, then do create an
environment of these elements around you, be with them and just see the
• Keep Learning – There are endless lessons to be learnt in the journey
called life. When you keep learning new things in the area of your
interests, your goals then you keep growing and moving closer and closer
to your goals. Always remember that cultivating habit of lifelong learning
keeps you rising in life.
• See the good in bad – Situations never remain same, once favourable they
can turn upside down in a moment. Here is the true test of a selfmotivated person. When everything seems going wrong, the one who
discovers art of finding opportunities in calamity will always find a way
to remain self-motivated.
• Stay Positive – Finding happiness in every small thing makes the life
blissful. Knowing that everyone is not fortunate enough as you are,
cultivating the habit of ‘gratitude journaling’ by counting and valuing
your each blessing will keep your thinking positive and strengthen your
inward journey towards fullness.
• Keep tracking progress – When we start noticing the growth, identifying
the outcomes of the positive outlook, the achievements coming our way,
that itself is a big self-motivator to do more, achieve more and push
ourselves even harder! Tracking your every bit of progress towards
achievement of the various pre-decided life goals is always helpful in
creating self-awareness and self-appraisal and completes the loop of selfmotivation.

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