Grow yourself with time management
Are you always late for work, miss project or task dateline? Are you always rushing and spending your day in frenzy activities, but at the end, you are always wondering why you did not achieve much? If this description fits you, then it is time for you to change.

Time management is simply to manage yourself by employing the empowering techniques to help you get organized and increase productivity. Learning to manage your time is definitely one of the critical keys to your personal growth. Let’s share some of the tips and techniques of time management.

Personal Growth with the tips and techniques of time management
1. Goal Setting

Setting clear and precise goals for the week or even day will assist you in managing your time more effectively. Make short term goal so that you can achieve your targets with ease, so that you will be motivated to move on to your long term goal. Lastly, remember to set realistic goal so that your energy will not be drained.

2. Keep a planner or organizer

Adopt the habit of keeping a planner or you can just download any iPhone app on organiser, so that you can keep track on the way you plan your day. Make a plan and work your plan. Make a “To-do” list, set priority on each task and complete it accordingly. Know the difference between urgent and important.

3. Do not procrastinate

Don’t put everything off to a later date. Plan to complete task in an earlier date to prevent any last minute rush. This will also help to reduce your stress level when dateline is due.

4. Multi-tasking don’t help

Try not to do a few things together because you will usually got caught into a situation where you cannot even complete a single task and this will increase your tension. Stay Focused on one single task and finish it before proceeding to the next one.

5. Take a break

You should take breaks to re-energise yourself in order to think well and this will increase productivity.

Knowing the time management technique is just a piece of this personal growth puzzle, you MUST put these techniques into action and practice it every now and then to complete it.

Feel free to share more so that we can get empowered together.

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