Opposing beliefs can prevent the subconscious mind from accepting a certain belief. For example knowing that you such at math will prevent you from convincing your subconscious mind that you are good at math unless you provide new proofs (like good grades for example)

Repetition is one of the most powerful weapons that can be used to program the mind. It was found that if ideas were repeated enough times they can turn into beliefs provided that you don’t have opposing beliefs.

Have you ever wondered why big companies like coca-cola spend millions on advertising? Do you happen to know of anybody who isn’t familiar with what coca cola is? Of course such a person does not exist. So the question now is; why do they keep advertising despite not having any new products?

They do so because they are familiar with the rules of programming the subconscious mind, which are:

1) Repeating the same things over and over
2) Removing opposing beliefs.
3) Bypassing any conscious filters

The more something is repeated the more the other person is likely to believe in it even if he wasn’t 100% convinced with it.

The change in the beliefs usually doesn’t happen in a day or two but instead they take some time before the subconscious mind can absorb them and install them in the belief system. That’s why you must be patient while trying to install new beliefs in your mind.

So don’t be sad if you’re not able to change your beliefs from the first time; just know that your efforts were not lost, but rather stored in your subconscious mind. It’s like saving your game so that you can resume playing later; luckily your subconscious mind offers this auto save feature for free!!

That person usually passes through the following phases before finally believing in something:

1) No ability to believe it’s true : not because of the presence of opposing believe but because its something new
2) Not being sure, but starting to think that it could be true
3) Believing that it can be true in certain special cases
4) Believing it to be true.

Whenever you repeat the belief out load or in your mind you will be moving down through these steps until you will reach step number four which is the final one.

Repetition is the preferred method for belief installation but there are few things that you must be aware of in order to make sure that you are highly receptive while repeating the beliefs to yourself.

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