In our current economy, it is imperative that businesses maximize their profits while minimizing their expenses. Often, businesses choose to eliminate their training from their budgets to quickly show reduce cost. This can often have an adverse effect on their employee's productivity! Instead of eliminating training completely, why not outsource it and pick a vendor who allows to customize training to your needs. When selecting an onsite or online training company, select one that views your unique training needs as a priority. You should be offered customized solutions not canned courses that don't apply to your company!

Points to consider:

Will they come to your location?

This is imperative to getting training done time and cost effectively. It can be difficult to gather all of your employees and get to them to meet for a training engagement. The travel and time cost alone can be significant. Why not bring someone onsite or get training via the internet? This can be done at a fraction of the cost. Plus having an onsite or online resource can add support for your employees while are during the training engagement.

Onsite training also gives your employees a sense of familiarity and makes the training process easier. This helps users who are already uneasy about learning new topics because they are in their comfort zone and this helps training immensely.

Will they customize class and courseware to your specific needs?

The courseware should be customized to your needs. The training vendor should give you a list of topics to select for your employees. The vendor should be open for suggestions and modifications so you can get the exact course you are looking for. This allows you to remain in control and determine what your employees will see and experience. So no more canned examples! Instead, you get a class customized to your needs!

Will they use your industry examples?

Class participants are should be encouraged to bring their own examples to class. This allows them to apply the skills learned to their daily work load. This also allows them to get answers to their pressing questions regarding issues they have with the Office application they use everyday.

Will they train on your time schedule?

Classes should be trained on the schedule you dictate. The vendor should realize training can't always take place from 8a - 5p on Mondays through Fridays. If you decided on a couple of hours or a full day, the vendor should be able to adapt and make this training happen for you.

Now that you have seen some of the options you have when it comes to your onsite training vendors, did you pick the right vendor for your upcoming Microsoft class?

Author's Bio: 

ZT Miller is Microsoft Office Specialist who does on-site training with her company Training On The Go,