In a world where fear is being put out for the masses to catch ahold of I am here to tell you that you don’t have to grab on to the darkness. You can actually look for and find the light in all situations.

When you are experiencing a dark moment in your life and you feel you are spinning in it STOP! Take a look at the situation and ask what you are learning from this. Also take a look around you and look for the positives in your life. Maybe you can even make a list of them.

God doesn’t want you to spin down into the darkness. God wants you to transform the darkness into the light. You are here to thrive and not just survive. When you find the light while experiencing the darkness this can create a great transformation. The dark can totally disappear.

Ask for help if you need help seeing the light. Ask God and the angels. We are not expected to go through life alone.

Why is this good?
Looking for and living in the light in your life can make living on the earth a much easier and better experience for yourself and the others around you. If all you see is the negative that is what you will see but if you look for the positive and look that direction you will see more of the light. The mind will also suffer less when you look for the good things and place your focus on the light instead of the negatives (dark).

Now I am not saying completely ignore the things going on around you that may be uncomfortable. What I am saying is look at them but do not get stuck in them. Look for the good in your life and transform the uncomfortables of life by also seeing the good and placing our focus on the light.

Everything is a choice in life. We can choose to live in darkness and life will be hard or we can make the choice to live in the light and life can be much more enjoyable. Look for the good in all things and you will continue to shine brighter and brighter. Not only will you shine brighter so will all around you. The world becomes brighter when we shine brighter together.

Focus on love and not Fear. Sending love to you everyone.

Author's Bio: 

Kelly is the owner of Illuminating Self Growth and loves helping others grow and succeed. She is a Reiki Master, writer, and is dedicated fully to sharing all that she has learned through education and the experience of her own growth.