Whether you realize it or not, a lot of our actions and reactions are based upon fear. For we believe what has happened will happen again. We let our imaginations run wild with the possibilities, whether harmful or not. We see the world through eyes connected to our past, for we can not imagine a future unrelated to something we haven't experienced, if it has happened before, it will happen again. But life doesn't work this way, there is no pattern of repetition except in our minds. We even see something as the same even though it is unrelatable. We like to connect, even if it's bad. We will then feel more comfortable, for we have already experienced this and we can feel safe because it makes sense.

To draw a picture around something so it is relatable is like giving yourself an illusion. To see a moment clearly helps to let go of fear, of the need for it. It only harms us, yet we feel it also protects us, for we expect it. We expect something bad to happen. That way way if it does, we already saw it coming. To expect anything is in itself a fear. To be open with the moment, to see it only for what it is, opens our expectations up to all the possibilities so that we can see reality for what it is. The world is not out to harm you, the idea of it will. If you could exist without the idea that you must prepare, are you not more open exactly then to see what is really there? By constantly drawing yourself into the future of what might be, even if only for the next moment, you miss out on the perfectness of the moment you are in.

Watch yourself the next time you start leaping forward. Do you really desire this worry? Does this anxiety benefit you? Can you really control the outcome, even if it's only your response to the probable situation? Often times no, even to prepare yourself leads to worry. Let go of what may come. See yourself as free from fear. Let yourself become who you are, purely in the moment you exist in, nothing more. Stop relating your future to your past. You create the circle, let it unhinge. Let the past become a separate thing, for what has happened is done and it will not create itself, only in your mind because you look to see it fit.

,b>Believe that the future is limitless, full of possibilities, endless in its endings or outcomes. Let yourself become part of that stream of events, open to the outcome. Keep a clear eye on your behavior, is it connected to your past. Are you trying to understand moments through your worst experiences or are you seeing them for what they truly are? You may be surprised at the real variety in life, and at how small a circle we tend to create for ourselves. Let the pattern go, see for yourself how the outcome truly is unpredictable. Try not to convince yourself otherwise and you will see that life is a lot different than you've always expected.

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My journey up to this point has lead me in directions I never thought possible. I was always interested in travel and art. And so I did both, but always felt like something was missing, that I wasn't me yet. Then one day I was pushed into seeing and releasing something from my past and that I was the one looking through my eyes, that I was finally present in my own life. This change allowed me to become my true self, always evolving and opening up from that moment on. In this process, the writing has come through as an aid, not only for myself but others as well. It has helped me immensely to see and understand what is important. I believe it can do the same for you, to help you become and to feel what it is like to be you.
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