Secrets Of How to Get Him to Give You What You Want: How to Get What You Want From a Man without Asking

How is it that some women can get guys to do anything for them? Does it seem that the guy you are with isn't attracted to you? Do you want him to fall hopelessly in love with you? Men are very different in the way that they fall in love. In order to get him to love you, there are things that you have to know and do. Here are three secret tips that will get him there.

1. Always look your very best. Every woman is beautiful in one way or another. Show off your beauty! You don't have to look like a model in order to get his attention. You just need to take the time to look your best. Dress in ways that attract men by wearing soft tones and soft materials. Don't over bare your skin, but don't be afraid to show a little. Keep your hair and skin looking nice and smelling clean.

2. Don't be an open book. You want him to be mystified by you. In order to do this, you have to leave mystery in your life. When he asks you out, don't jump at the opportunity to go out with him. Let him know you have to check your schedule and get back to him. He will know by this answer that you have a very fulfilled life without him and he will have to work to be a part of it. When he asks what you did last weekend, don't divulge details. Make your answer as vague as possible.

3. I really can't ever say it enough! Confidence is absolutely key! Your confidence will draw him in and keep him there. Men run away from women who are desperate or don't appreciate themselves. If you can't be confident in who you are, how can he be confident that you are worth his time. Confidence shows that you know you are a worthy woman to have.

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Your inner beauty is the key. Turning heads with your physical beauty is fine, but this won't bring you love. Who you are is what will develop a lasting relationship. Treating others the way you would like to be treated helps him to see that you are a woman that thinks of the feelings of others. He will notice you for this and will equate this with how you will treat him.

If you want him to want to be happy with you, you have to be happy on your own. A man cannot bring you happiness. You are the one that sets the tone for your life. Don't wait around for a guy to do it for you. When a guy sees that you are happy and fun to be around, he will want to join the fun.

Independence and self sufficiency tend to draw men in. Yes, there are still men out there that want to provide for their women. However, most men really want to know that they don't have to take care of things on their own. Your ability to care for yourself shows him that you can care for his heart.

Treating yourself and others with respect will make him want to be a part of your life. If you follow these tips, he will want to love you because you have first loved yourself. Show your guy that you can support yourself but that he could share the happiness of your life and the two of you could enjoy it together.

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Do you have a really special guy in your life that you are trying to get to love you? Do you find yourself talking to him regularly about his feelings, only to get no response from him? Are you frustrated and fed up with his lack of emotion in your relationship? Even from infancy, there is a noticeable difference between men and women. Yet, women still insist in men falling in love in the same time frame as them. However, what you may not know about you insisting on him loving you could be driving him further away.

There are actually many men that fall in love rather quickly. It just doesn't always seem this way because they just aren't as open about their emotions as women. However, even when men display love with their actions, women tend to push the issue. They desperately want to hear the words from the mouth of their mate. However, this nagging persistence is shutting him off.

Even if he is in love with you, he may not be saying it. Men fear getting hurt by women. They are also afraid of appearing soft. In order to bare their hearts, they need to feel completely safe and secure with their woman. They need to know that no matter how they express their love, it will be welcomed with open arms. If you take the time to recognize his small displays of affection, he will be more likely to show you the bigger ones.

The second thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can't push him to divulge his love for you before he is ready. If you push him, he will automatically pull away. This doesn't give him a feeling of safety in his emotions with you. He needs the space and time to reach his feelings of love. Even if you have deep feelings for him, try to keep your talks about it to a minimum. Take his lead in the display of love. Instead of talking so much about it, use your actions to mirror his. If he is buying you flowers, buy him tickets to a monster truck show he might want to see. Let him know you love him without abusing the "L" word. This will help him to feel that he has the space and time to fall in love with you, and he will do so in his time.

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Embrace your inner beauty. It is very easy to attract a guy with your looks and your slim and trim figure. But what keeps him glued to you is your inner beauty. In other words, guys like women who are kind,caring,sensitive and compassionate. Your guy will adore you if you are a sincere and a genuine person. Your inner beauty is much more charming and attractive than your physical beauty.

Do things that make you happy. Don't center your life around him. This will show him that you are desperate. Guys get bored easily if the woman is 'available' all the time. Don't be around. Do your own thing. Focus on you. Do things you like. Concentrate on your job, your interests, your hobbies. Be around people whom you love and who love you. Enjoy your life without him. Soon he will find out that he is being left out and hence will start pursuing you more.

Show your individuality. Gone are the days when women were considered inferior to men. Today, the picture has changed. Women are no less in comparison to men. You don't need a guy to provide you financial support. You can surely do that. An independent woman commands more respect. Guys are often attracted to women who have a distinct identity of their own. It makes them realize that you are a strong character and can take care of yourself.

So keep these tips in handy and jump into the dating world. Show the guy that you are a terrific person to be with and soon he will be wanting to give you the world.

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