Scorpio and Sagittarius are ruled by the elements, water, and fire, respectively. At first sight, it may seem that they are not compatible signs for a couple in love. However, they have things in common too, and if they are willing to make a few adjustments, they can have a good relationship. Scorpio and Sagittarius both are very physical in love. They can understand a lot from each other’s body language.

Water and fire can create steam, and so their sex life can be quite steamy.

1. Love

As a lover, Scorpio is passionate, subtle, and very sensitive to signals. Sagittarius oozes charm and can be a smooth-talker. Scorpios are masters of seduction and very intense. Sagittarius is prone to playing the field, but this will not cut much ice with the Scorpio. But if Sagittarius thinks that Scorpio is worth it, they are likely to curb their need for variety. Scorpio, being an emotional sign, Sagittarius will have to engage with them emotionally to win their trust. Both love the thrill of new experiences. Scorpio will love Sagittarius’ energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

2. Physical Intimacy

Scorpio brings emotion and true intimacy to the table, while Sagittarius tends to shake things up. Together, they will have a great sexual relationship, both are not inhibited in showing passion. They love to experiment, and Sagittarius, which is known for its casual approach, will be swept away by the intensity of Scorpio. Scorpio seeks emotional connection, and hence, they will go all out to please their partner. Sagittarius, too, knows how to please, as they are versatile and adventurous.

3. Trust

This is one area that is likely to pose problems for the duo. Scorpio tends to tie their partner down while Sagittarius will not let someone control them. Strangely, they are two of the most honest signs. Their innate honesty is probably the factor that will lay the foundations of trust in the relationship.

4. Communication

Sagittarius is good at communication, while Scorpio will take some time to open up. Both are very intelligent signs. Sagittarius can make Scorpio feel more optimistic about life, and Scorpio will help Sagittarius to delve deep into things. There will be no holding back, as neither is lacking in candor. Scorpio is prone to sulking and resentful silences, but Sagittarius knows how to lighten the atmosphere before things get too heavy.

5. Intellect

Both are truth-seekers who are blessed with a sharp intellect. Scorpio is like a deep-sea diver, while Sagittarius has a philosophical bent and looks for answers to the important questions in life. This also impels them to think logically, like Scorpio. Scorpio is capable of challenging and stimulating them mentally, which adds to their chemistry.

6. Shared interests

They share an interest in music and the arts. As they are fond of travel, shared escapades can cement their bond. They like to engage in philosophical debates. They love trying out new adventures, fun, and exciting activities.

7. Values

Both signs believe in honesty in relationships. For them, each day is an adventure in itself. Scorpios are very loyal, while Sagittarius is very generous and open-hearted. Sagittarius will use their philosophy to solve problems. They like to help people and encourage them to look at things positively. Scorpios value trust, loyalty, and honesty, and look for the same in their partners. Scorpios are very dedicated and invested in their relationships.

8. Money

Many gamblers are Sagittarians. The risk-taking, the high-spending…all are quintessentially Sagittarian traits. But Scorpio is all about saving money and building stability. So money may become a bone of contention between the two. Sagittarians are lucky with money often, like Jupiter, the planet of luck rules them. Even if they spend money, it has a way of returning to them, and as long as it does, money issues may not cause much friction between the two.
The best thing about this couple is the security and flexibility they bring to each other’s lives. If they can look at the world through each other’s eyes and be more open to each other, it will be an enduring relationship. The Scorpio-Sagittarius Compatibility can be rated 6/10.

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