Dymphna was born in Ireland during the 7th century. Dymphna's father Damon, a petty king of Oriel, was pagan but her mother was a devout Christian. When Dymphna was 14 years old, her mother died. Damon had loved his wife deeply, and in the aftermath of her death his mental health sharply deteriorated. When at length he decided to remarry, Damon sought to find a woman who resembled his deceased wife. When no such woman could be found, Damon began to desire his daughter, because of the strong resemblance she bore to her mother. When Dymphna learned of her father's intentions she fled his court along with her confessor Father Gerebernus and two trusted servants. Together they sailed towards the continent, eventually landing in Belgium, where they took refuge in the town of Gheel in Belgium. Damon sent his agents to pursue his daughter and her companions. When their hiding place was discovered, Damon traveled to Gheel to recover his daughter. Damon ordered his soldiers to kill Father Gerebernus and tried to force Dymphna to return with him to Ireland, but she resisted. Furious, Damon drew his sword and struck off his daughter's head. She was 16 years old.
The prayer to Saint Dymphna is this: Hear us, O God, Our Savior, as we honor St. Dymphna, patroness of those afflicted with mental and emotional illness. Help us to be inspired by her example and comforted by her merciful help. Amen.
Call upon Saint Dymphna if you are suffering from mental or nervous disorders such as: depression, anxiety, overwhelming fear or paranoia and other afflictions such as these. She is a gentle and sweet saint whose energy will come to you in order to calm your suffering and put your emotions and mind to rest. Her presence is strong and peaceful. As she comes to you, she will work with you to erase your mental and nervous disorders through teaching you that they are not real. Only the love of God is real. This she will remind you through the presence of Christ and Christ’s light within yourself. Feel her powerful energy as you say her prayer and allow her to evaporate all other lower energies from your space.
It is a good idea to light a white candle while you say the prayer to Saint Dymphna and call upon her. As you watch the candle burn, repeat the prayer several times until you feel Christ energy enter into you. Allow the love of God to enter into your being. As it does, feel it melt away all lower energies into the candle and be transformed through the purple transmuting flame of Saint Germain, as you only allow love into your body. Thank Saint Dymphna and Saint Germain for their healing when you are done. Soak in the bath of the love of Christ for several hours, if possible, and allow it to transform your emotions and mental state back into the highest vibration possible. Visualize yourself totally immersed in love and living out that love in life. You deserve to be happy and to live in love. Know and live in this truth. Saint Dymphna will help you!

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Leslie Branscum is a UC Berkeley graduate and a trained Reiki Master and certified CA credentialed teacher. She is a psychic reader and healer specializing in angel readings and AA Raphael attunements.