How sad the soul must be in a moment that has forgotten inspiration that alights the eyes while the DNA sings replicating immortality. Such a clean moment is then destroyed with self consciousness, gossip, fear and demented emotionalism in an individual who has not climbed out of the pit. Fear dark, stinking and buried unfaced during the day and possibly haunting the being with nightmares at night or is it insomnia where the avoidance of sorting through the truth is now a sleep ailment? A shield of fear is the greatest self alteration into demise available to the human being readily available at a moments notice. Single answer connected to a rotten Earth reality is clearly connected to the army of fearful warriors conquering their own fully expressed genius treading upon earth wielding allergies, other health ailments, boring anecdotes about a relative from fifteen years ago or any other distraction from conquering fear and embracing the full truth of facing the heaven and hell on Earth; created by fear. A priest or other non religious spiritual employee attending a death to comfort the individual is there because of fear; thusly there is a failure to have conquered that which is also reflected in the continuation of an unstable planetary experience.

What is the new age term twelve strand DNA activation about (new age because it is a theory un backed and non inclusive of science)? Well the simplicity of a certain type of pine tree is indicative of hyperspace maneuvering of our souls. Unnamed till the reader finds it the descriptive is as follows: tall growth is achieved from a tree that has a bark winding and scaled like a snake texture the pine cones are hidden in the thick of the coniferous branches which requires a being to find them by engaging the tree. A powdery substance is also emitted from the branches that curiously look and feels like sawdust. So an evergreen tree that has bark resembling snakes winding and morphing into the trunk and branches hiding the symbol of the seventh energy center that has been represented in historical art since the Dogon tribes scribed the fact in tablets depicting the people of Anu. Of course only an altar freak would say that common man did not have a seventh energy center or the trendy Sanskrit word Chakra as the very tall beings of Anu did. Great skeletons have been found and recorded archeologically of people that were much taller than modern man illustrating proof that the sculptures of the ancient pharaohs that were depicted as giants were anatomically correct. Footage is posted on the internet on this archeological find. Authors have written that the people of Anu began to age on Earth because the seasons passed so much faster here that being out of their home planetary cycle for too long in a drastically faster cycle caused an imbalance in the body.

Imagine the impact of that fact on the genetically engineered, smaller human whose skeletons were also found on Earth and were depicted in ancient Egyptian art that the cycle of Earth had on the ‘great tall ones’. Would an inferior genetic coding have taken place that lead to the demise after demise of the enlightened mind, extra terrestrial package seeded civilizations? Did we as humanity blame ourselves for our faster planetary cycle than places where the ones of great height came from which affected the biology of the tall ones subconsciously? If we examine embracing of the pine cone adorning clitoral removal implements still used was there a rejection of the human woman’s value of procreation that the ‘human earth mother’ was more a symbol of the anger that the tall beings left that engineered the earth humanity and the worship of those tall visitors as Gods lasted for many thousands of years. Other great scholars have documented the bastardization of early truth about these revered ‘Gods’ now named ‘God’ Jehovah externalized and worshiped by entities educated by the Old Testament. Erroneously worshiping a god outside of ourselves still is practiced by modern day Christians revering the New Testament.

Non new age teachings have the history and science of these facts available and do exist for those willing to place the shield of fear and ignorance aside. Twelve strands are not required in the DNA; our original DNA exists in a hyperspace reality of calibrated space/time and that may be what the new age term is attempting to depict creating a dogma that lacks science.

If nature is hiding from the observer the pine cone in a tree that also is a living prophecy of logging how powerful is the snake within; our DNA to affect the planet? When humanity embraces the infinite evolutionary potential of the DNA that the brain microscopic geometries demonstrate in fractal like symmetry; proving superior coding sequences aging is halted. Remember that parents only donate the basic sperm and egg package of genetics and from the moment spirit engages the fetus choosing dominant and recessive genes without the parents influence and based on the ‘karma’ it has to sort out till the soul has enough brain mass to ‘awaken.’ Spirit’s participation and the souls new record of the rest of the gestation is impacted by the state of the pregnancy conditions and mind state of the mother. Soul song of current space/time DNA coding is present during gestation.

Dominant and recessive genes area also selected by the spirit and soul engaging the fetal DNA which may change during this phase upon realization that something in the choice of the incarnation may have either greater arenas for adventure or more constraints to overcome. Children still born are an example of an incarnation terminated likely by the soul’s fear of engaging the life that would ensue with the chosen parents and or environment. Forming the described cycle of accelerated birth and death really begets the contemplation why bother?

What if the lesson for the inhabitants was that ascension is possible earlier rather than later for those of us living here as an alternative to death and aging? What happens if a beings body glows so bright and so fast that death is eradicated forever? Science to this potential does exist and a few of us have the tools that enable the entity to embrace a life plan that outlines and facilitates the personal evolution necessary in order for an individual to achieve ascension instead of death. If a child can focus on a video game for four hours then at an early age there is the ability mapped in the brain to get hooked onto a program that engages the soul to accept and live excellence of mind that opens the gates for continued DNA coding that makes possible eradicating death and aging.

Another issue related is the symbolism of the Madonna and child with halo is the seventh energy center open and the first energy center also. The psychic perception and vision in hyperspace is there in babies and young children strongly and the first energy center functional very differently than in the adult. They have the life of the basic autonomic nervous system of heart beat and digestion etc. and this changes in puberty where the energy moves in the dimming of the higher energy centers with the movement of the energy to sexuality and this child is then the child raised by dimmed parents of the same dipped energy and the biochemistry changes drastically. In models of ascension and the huge gap to religion what has occurred through history is that the masters who taught about the necessity of the being to return to a child like state away from sexuality in order to ascend and have no death taught from their own lovely experience or emulating those that have lived that which ironically may have unintentionally contributed to the religious model of sex as sin and women especially purported to be less sexual serving this celibate model through the religious creation. This conveniently suppressed sexuality in women through our history very powerfully e.g. Roman Times this began. So what is possible besides another Jesus model that did include death resurrection and ascension of a being who was purported to be sexual with Mary Magdalene is a non death model of ascension inclusive of women’s' sexuality honored and never suppressed again that is also inclusive of men taught to embrace that. Importance of coding the female DNA mindfully during sexual union and the ovum for pregnancy inclusive of orgasm is also important as it is not coded the same without orgasm. Till this is recognized by science fully and modern medicine including easier childbirth facilitated and inclusive of enlightened sexual practices for both which are part of augmenting the genetics to embrace a wholeness model of family that does not ostracize the partner sexually in order to choose ascension as some earlier practices did. Yogananda a great guru died celibate so clearly that model from one who studied spiritual attainment alluding to ascension all his life did not prove that celibacy for him was the correct choice to beat death. In our local space time shared by many the equality of men and women spiritually that embraces sacred sexuality with scientific concepts that marry science and spirit inclusive of sexuality affecting the DNA in higher manner it is possible to have new ascended masters that understand the genetics of women sexually suppressed did not result in massive ascension by those women. All of this was an attempt to affect the action of the Holy Spirit by the teachers to create the body or temple of the Holy Spirit as pure and refined as possible for ascension instead of death. Handfuls in our history have accomplished that and a stronger inclusion of women’s' wisdom which has not existed strongly since Egyptian times is necessary especially about their own reproductive power and its role in creating the purified body.

So the garden of Eden is the tree of life or baobab wisdom represented really as the sexual union of coding that wisdom in DNA being understood or it is polarity consciousness for thousands of years and has greatly been till the naked and unashamed state of spirit shared with another is understood and codes the DNA with love not shame as represented in the garden of Eden pictorial history and dating back to Mesopotamia. Egyptian Lily was used widely through Egypt to represent the seventh energy center and enlightenment and the attainment of emotional wisdom as from the depths of the waters the lily blooms. Many circles and made of the Egyptian lily fastened to a wheel are also depicted and some on vases and other tablets resemble a sliced orange; another fertility symbol that those who read the heavenly lovemaking texts I wrote will find the hidden humor in. So if the Garden of Eden artwork depicts the orange tree often those examining Egyptian and even predynastic symbolism will be able to follow the meaning.

See article Origins of Astrology for more information on the Baobab tree and the flower and the fruit of the tree and its symbolic representation.

Rotting the snake of wisdom and fighting for devils advocacy may lead to death and reincarnation. Embracing the unfolding of fearlessness and tossing out the shields of yesterdays fears causes the DNA changes that open the door to longevity and possible immortality resultant from truth loved. for modules; new times new Superbeings.

NOTE: A Lesson may be never hide Mary Magdalene at the supper table as your lover lest religion form later that puts women behind men in equality. This problem has been ongoing for a couple of thousand years. Gender issues are irrelevant to leadership.

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