There is much unrest in the workplace these days. Many
people are grateful to still be in business or employed
BUT are tired of the lack of recognition, decrease in sales,
frustrated with office politics or feeling empty inside.
Whether you want to revitalize your existing career or
want to switch to a more fulfilling one, take a look at
these seven steps.

1. List What IS Working

Ask yourself what areas of your work you want to enhance
What do you want more of? Observe which strengths you
are currently using that are the most satisfying to you.
Identify which of your needs and values ARE being

2. Look for Ways to Maximize

Take a look around and determine which projects you could
support that are aligned with the strengths you enjoy
using. Then negotiate. Most companies realize that it's
best for everyone to tap into each person's natural
brilliance as much as possible.

3. Challenge Yourself to be Your Best

To keep yourself sharp and energized, challenge yourself
to keep growing and adding to your skill-set. When you do,
you will be more engaged in your work and it will provide
you with additional satisfaction.

4. Inventory What is NOT Working

Make a list of the talents, interests, and skills that
are important to you but are not currently being fully
addressed. Look for ways that you can include these. Check
into telecommuting on certain days for a change of pace.

5. Plot Your Next Steps

Clearly outline your preferred work style and environment.
Once you've captured your insights on paper, begin chunking
down your "What's next?" vision into manageable pieces.
Then, identify the next five small steps you can take now.

6. Make the Most of Where You Are Now

As you redesign your current career or create an entirely
new "escape plan" for yourself, stay grounded. Allowing
yourself to become impatient will get in the way of moving
forward. Make being where you are OK because it's prompting
you to make important and meaningful changes for a revitalized

7. Imagine Already Having What You Want

As with anything in life, your desires have a much better
chance of becoming your new reality when you firmly believe
that positive change is possible for you. A good way to
stay on track is to routinely project yourself into already
being in your enhanced version of your ideal work. How good
would that feel?

You deserve to feel great at work every day! How ready,
willing, and able are you to experiencing that?

The best of success to you!

Barbara McRae, MCC
The Savvy Success Coach

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Author's Bio: 

Barbara McRae, MCC, author and radio show host, is Founder and Director of Savvy Success LLC ( ) and its affiliate companies. She is also the Chief Knowledge Officer of, a purpose-filled coaching company. She specializes in coaching GEN Y, business owners and self-employed professionals to create a meaningful life. She regularly appears online, in print, and in the media