We are all co-creators. The difficulty lies in gaining consciousness of our abilities. Our fields open when we view a flower, child or star, and our energy contributes to the configuration of that field of beauty. Part of its beauty is imbued by our vision, through the sensory reflection of the object at hand. Unknowingly we create in each moment through our resonance, through the meshing of the fields of material objects meeting in ethereal form. A brief impression is formed as an electromagnetic memory, forgotten until once again revisited in later time.

Every material object on the earth is composed of light that vibrates at a lower frequency so that it has a recognizable shape, appearance and dimension. Its vibration is known as resonance. Resonance is the vibration rate of a crystal, a plant, a television broadcast or a person. We interact with resonance by amplifying or diminishing a frequency.

When we vibrate emotionally with a disharmonious broadcast or argue with an angry person, then we amplify the disharmonic resonance. By intentionally sending love or detachment to the broadcast or person, a disharmonic resonance can be altered or weakened. The same is true with a harmonic resonance. Resonance is strengthened through identification and interaction.

It’s helpful to remember our role as a co-creator when life is flowing easily by noticing our sensory data (the happy, pleasurable response that we have in life); expressing gratitude; and sharing our harmony with simple kindnesses with other people. Service through our soul’s work is also important. It is a way of sharing light. These simple acts amplify the “flow”. Through self-observation, we can become more aware of positive co-creation.

The recognition of resonance is one of the challenges in co-creation, as we often fall into state of self-forgetfulness. Life appears as it does because of our resonance on subconscious, consciousness and collective level --it doesn’t just happen.

We resonate or vibrate with the image of our bedroom, create images of the room, interact with the bed or closet, then wake-up day after day in the same room. It happens because we are good at co-creation, particularly when it involves repetition and agreement from a large group of people (i.e. the bed is usually in the same place in the morning, unless you are dreaming.) Another agreement concerns small materializations, such as keys or checkbooks, which are acceptable if not mentionable. We may have noticed that materializations, healings and quantum change often appear around people with high frequency fields or at indigenous power points.

The main point about resonance is that it matters. The objects, scenes, people and beliefs involved in resonance affect our energy and ability to access the quantum field. Energy is needed to shift our attention or the way that we assemble our “reality.” Resonance lowers our energy by creating karma or heightens our awareness into greater consciousness. Resonance can be altered by detaching from inner dialog; becoming present in the body or meditation. Meditation can also shift it. Our energy level is usually a good gauge of the result of our activities and thoughts.

Energy is needed to move on the time/space continuum line. The particles in our field move into new frequencies and patterns during the act of conscious co-creation. For example, imagine moving to a different location but also taking a perennial garden (plants that live for years) with you. You are ready to change locations but want to keep a portion of the garden. It takes time and energy to dig the plants and move them into the new space. Usually, you would take the most valuable and loved plants and leave the rest. Part of the old garden travels with you, but you find additional plants for the new garden – in time, it becomes an entity, a composite without a line of distinction between the old and new plants. The same motion occurs with conscious co-creation; time and energy are necessary to move a scene of life so that it more closely represents the garden of the soul.

One path to the soul’s garden is co-creation, which is actively creating the blueprint as the mainstay of our practice in material reality. Whatever we choose or wherever we go, it eventually becomes clear that the path of heart and dedication to balance bring more satisfaction. Manifestation or co-creation begins with a single desire – it can be a physical desire but the act of co-creation, if practiced correctly, leads to a higher frequency and connection with Divine.

Nothing changes in physical reality – I mean really changes – without that alteration in frequency. The “attractor factor” and the movie, The Secret, were marvelous attention-getters for the mind, but the part about the heart was omitted. My theory is that the folks in the movies and book found their higher frequency state—whether they share it for money or love. (This is easily seen in all of the new manifestation and money programs. I think that this e-zine is about heart so I write for it.)

This is the point that is most misunderstood. The connection, the resonance and the infinite love are the real gifts, and the changes in the appearance of matter are street signs or indicators that we are traveling in the right direction.

By resonating with a material object while in a higher frequency, it generally materializes. Yes, manifestation can be used to create a car or house or relationship, but the big shift is the heightened frequency that accompanies divine connection. Resonance, energy and frequency are important parts of manifestation. A heart-felt desire can change our resonance and increase our energy level. A true desire often gifts greater alignment with our divine blueprint.

It is our birthright to experience health, love or abundance, but it is through use of our free will that we choose resonance with any of these states. Karma or memories of the past usually offer a set of lower vibrations that serve to conceal any other possibility, at least initially.

Any state or action is preceded by a hologram, which is a living visual image accompanied by feelings. (Imagine taking a glass from the cabinet, then filling it with water. Imagine the phone ringing and answering a call. In both cases, you must visualize and integrate sensory data.) The present is altered by the data of new holograms. Often, we have to repeat the image of a desire many times before the alteration of “reality” because it takes time to create resonance with it, as well as releasing images, thoughts and beliefs that created the present life.

There are also patterns of the ego that comprise part of the new visualization. In every manifestation, there is always a small part of us that is concerned with appearance, social position or power and also lacks alignment with the heart. In alchemy, this part of manifestation is known as nigredo or “black night.” Self-observation allows the understanding that the lack of manifestation comes from within the self. It is time to change old patterns, beliefs and actions.

The fascinating part is the shift from nigredo to albedo or “whitening” -- the purification stage, which is alignment with universal principles. The nigredo and albedo blend in the marriage of opposites, of the soul and the ego. Vulnerabilities, beliefs and fears are exposed and comprehended. A new purity of purpose and self is distilled from the darkness of old reality.

Awareness and vibration increase with movement toward the alchemical rubredo or “red” is the new maturity and rebirth of the new self within the creation of the “new reality.” It encompasses the opposites and is a resolution of conflicting behavior and beliefs. The word “eureka” would apply to this state of gestalt realization.

Rubredo is like Dorothy’s red slippers and The Wizard of Oz. The journey is cool, and we learn about fear, power and finally love. We understand that Oz is wonderful and magical and anything can happen. But it doesn’t have the ring of the love like home does – and with a click of the red slippers, we quickly see the real importance of the journey was the recognition of the value of the heart and love. In a single phrase, co-creation is about finding evolution through love.

Author's Bio: 

Julia Griffin is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.

Her teachings embody advanced concepts for those who want to deepen their under-
standing of co-creation and personal "reality”.

She is the originator of the “One True Self", a concept that encompasses the expression of our divinity in physical form and is the result of many years of devotion to spiritual practice.

She has a deep understanding of energetics based on extensive studies. She is an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist and Reiki Master. Julia has the ability to communicate with plants and animals. She lived with wolves for nine years, while developing her intuitive abilities. Julia is a contributing writer for Spirit of Maat.

Julia Griffin lives in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. She is graced by being the parent of two children, Vanessa and Griffin.