Conflicts within a team are unavoidable. In any organization, people come with different ideas, attitude, values, vision, goals, etc. and when these clash, they give rise to conflicts. Addressing such problems is time consuming, and can often lead to other issues.

Conflicts hamper the general mood in an organization, affect the productivity of the whole team, and spread negativity around. Solving mutual conflicts is not an easy task, as these are not tangible problems that can be solved by talks or issuing memos.

It is important to develop understanding and unanimity between the team members, so that they can keep aside their personal issues and work as a team.

Team building events are the best method to tackle such problems. Activities aimed at building team spirit and positive attitude help in developing constructive communication, trust, and respect. There are several conflicts solving activities that teach team members how to avoid, handle and manage conflicts that arise in a workplace.

Conflict management is an important issue addressed during corporate learning programs, as you cannot achieve unity in the team without resolving the conflicts. It is not possible to avoid all conflicts that may arise, but through professional corporate learning programs, team members are trained to handle them in a much better way.

Activities like the rhythm challenge that gives the participants an opportunity to create music with simple equipments, help bridge the communication and cooperation issues in a fun and challenging manner. The rhythm challenge is an activity where team members are given with different and simple props, using which they have to create music.

The key here is to create music, which is in-sync with the music created by other team members. This way, they have to create an orchestra. This activity highlights that how each individual, by doing their own work in tandem with others, can contribute to the team’s success.

There are many other activities like the ‘Tower of Hanoi’, ‘Turning Point’, ‘Key Punch’, ‘Mine Field’, etc. to make the team members learn that working in a team is fruitful and beneficial for everyone. Inculcating in the participants a sense of togetherness, team building events instil confidence in team members that they can resolve any conflict and rise up from it to move forward, to achieve the common goal.

Corporate training events are a fun and effective technique to resolve issues that trammel the organization’s growth. An organization can only reach success when all the employees work towards it, together.

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Arun Rao is a corporate trainer in reputed company and who writes on numerous topics including Leadership Training, Corporate Training, Induction Training & Innovation Workshops, to name a few.