Spring brings Vitamin D energy and green growth into our lives. There is an easy, natural self-confidence about hidden potential percolating beneath the earth’s surface. When buds and bulbs emerge, there is no consciousness of the past, only fresh beginnings with a clean slate. One of the most popular stress management strategies advises us to get into a natural rhythm. Now we can see it in action! Most of us have distinct preferences when it comes to colors, animals, parks, aromas and flowers. States even have a special state flower for representation. Harvard research on the “Ecology of Flowers” claims that fresh flowers, sorry not the silk version, energize people at work and bring happiness to those at home. According to the study flowers make people more compassionate and less anxious, but you already felt this to be true and didn’t need a study for validation. Do you have a favorite flower – one that keeps you grounded, triggers your creativity, inspires you to be romantic or cues you to be peaceful? How about your beloved’s preferences? Do you bring your wife or husband flowers on special occasions? Is there a bud vase on your table at dinner or on your desk at work? You might want to use the science of flowers to create your story and improve all your relationships.

Here are 5 popular flower symbols:
* Roses link you with complexity - color, fragrance and layers of velvety petals. Depending on the color you like, you might be identified as a purist, friend or lover. There are many layers to your personality. While you might appear dreamy and sensual, people should be wary because you have thorns and they must earn your trust in order to get close.
* Daisies are associated with tradition and brilliant color. While the traditional white daisy symbolizes innocence and purity, there are early daisies and rainbow-bright Gerber daisies in surprising hues. They bring cheer and happiness into people’s lives. They also help clear out toxins in the home environment. Perhaps, you are a “life coach” for your friends.
* Lilies are all about majesty and pride. There are many lily varieties for your many talents. For example, Cana lilies have variegated leaves which grow tall and beautiful before and after they flower; therefore it is heavenly to be with you. Clearly, you perform well during different stages of growth– remaining beautiful long after you have bloomed.
* Sunflowers grow toward the light and follow the sun. They celebrate the pride of being unique and productive even in a vast field among other sunflowers. Also, this flower is service-oriented, for sunflower seeds are healthy and nourishing.
* Orchids are exotic and elegant, possessing a certain mystique. If you love them, you are accessible, but a bit aloof and discriminating. You thrive even in austere situations because you can do your own thing without worrying about pleasing others.

Tip: To prolong the life and beauty of your fresh flowers make sure you have a clean vase, fill with tepid water and dissolve the fresh flower tabs from the florist. Change the water every couple of days (very important) and keep the vase out of direct sunlight.

Use flowers for subliminal clues about your identity and to improve all your relationships. The next time you plant, buy or send flowers, think about their hidden message. Choose wisely.
May you bloom where you are planted!

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